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Run Lola Run – Love Story

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1.There was 1581 visual edits in Lola Rennt.
2.The only dull moments in the film for me, where the redundant ones. For example; the three different times Manni calls Lola and their situation restarts. 3.Lola’s task is to save her boyfriend Manni by obtaining 100,000 marks. 4.The catch is that she has 20 minutes to complete the mission as well as save both of their lives. If she fails, she must restart. 5.I think the film is a study of inevitability, or in other words, fate.

Regardless of how Lola obtains the money or how she gets there, some things were just inevitable i.e. the car crash. I also think it’s a testament to love. Love is what compelled Lola to put herself in the situation in the first place.

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Run Lola Run – Love Story
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Overall it was a love story, a twisted one, but a love story nonetheless. 6.The film relates to the game of soccer by the quotes in the beginning of the film.

The guard kicks the ball into the air, which suggests that he’s kicking the game into motion. The quote, “after the game is before the game,” is the basis of Lola Rennt. Every situation is essentially the same with only a few minor adjustments, as if saying that every soccer game is essentially the same with slightly different outcomes. 7. The central conceit that director, Tom Tykwer is attempting to achieve was two lovers finding themselves in a sticky situation. Manni, the male protagonist, left money on a train that he was supposed to deliver to his boss. This forces both him and his girlfriend Lola to find a way to obtain 100,000 marks within 20 minutes. 8.A circle is a never-ending path that never breaks, whereas a spiral is continuous but splits in opposite directions. The two have similar qualities, but are ultimately different. So say a circle represents a day, the circle is a copy of that day; never-ending.

The spiral is that same day, but it is not a copy. 9.The lyrical songs throughout the film have to do with what events are transpiring in Lola and Manni’s life at that moment; for example, after they rob the grocery store the song playing regards how life can change in a matter of minutes. This directly reflects the events that had previously transpired in the film. 10.While shooting Lola Rennt, Franka Potente couldn’t wash her hair for 7 weeks. The red dye in her hair was extremely sensitive and would’ve faded which ultimately would’ve resulted in continuity errors.

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