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Same-Sex Marriage: Necessity

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  • Pages 3
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    Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage: Necessity There are many problems faced by the society today. One of which is the issue regarding gender equality. Such problem, if observed, is caused by one common factor – difference. Differences in people have caused a lot of problems and havoc in the society, be it differences in religion, opinion, skin color, gender or even the tiniest of things. The reason why most people are against those who are different or special is because the people would feel threatened. One concrete example is found in the bible itself.

    The Exodus tells us the story of the enslaved Jews in Egypt. The Egyptians feared that the Jews will one day oppose them and so, they turned the Jews into mere workhorse. Another reason is people regard themselves superior than their fellow men. The Apartheid is an example of that. The Apartheid is a system of racial segregation where black people are deprived of their rights and citizenship and the ruling sect are the whites. But now, fortunately, the world has been continually adjusting to the differences among people because of the call for equal rights.

    The problem at hand is an issue concerning to the so called “third gender”. This so-called “third genders” consist of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender who are regarded as illnesses in our society and so a heated issue allowing gay marriages has been boiling, not only in the country but also on a global scale. Being a Catholic country, this is a great issue concerning the morality and the very essence of matrimony. For that, we commonly ask ourselves: why legalize same-sex marriage? Is it really necessary? How is it important when passed?

    Is it not immoral for two same sexes to be married? For this purpose, I now present to you the necessity of same-sex marriage. The legalization of same-sex marriage is a must. Hindering it would mean the violation of the rights to express oneself of these so-called “minorities”. We people always ask for justice and equality but antagonizing the legalization of same-sex marriage, would this call upon equality and justice we speak of? Obviously no. The legalization of same-sex marriage is tightly bounded to the psychological aspects of these individuals.

    They are not fully accepted in the society and so, many of them hide their true nature and cannot express oneself. They are constricted of their freedom which may cause several psychological impairment such as dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety and this may also lead to suicide or psychosis (turn crazy). Legalizing it would give them freedom and acceptance in the society which is especially humane. They will be given equal rights as common people have which a human person truly deserves. With this, they can live like common people do.

    Before I discuss the morality of same-sex marriage, let me first tell you a true story. I know, for sure, most of us are familiar with Britney Spears. She was once married to Jason Alexander. Their marriage only lasted for about 55 hours and after which the couple filed a divorce. Now, I ask you, where is the sacredness of marriage in that? We view same-sex marriage as immoral but we forgot to see the morality of marriage of those heterosexual couples making a joke out of it saying it’s completely inevitable and normal for couples to have disputes and misunderstanding that will lead to divorce.

    On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with loving someone of the same gender. In the Commandments, are we not taught to love thy neighbor? And also, did Jesus not tell us to love one another just as He loves us? It may not be the same kind of love as those aforementioned statements mean, but the essence of loving someone is not wrong so long as they do no harm to their partners and to others. Their love for each other does no harm to us so why stop them when all they do is love one another?

    And so, for these reasons, I stand before you to raise my voice for the legalization of same-sex marriage. So, my friends, the legalization of same-sex marriage is again a necessity because it: * Gives justice and freedom to the “third gender” who are also human beings like us who deserve respect and equal rights * Give social acceptance to the “third gender” and banish the wall that separates them from the community. * Prevents psychological problems derived from oppression of homosexuals.

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