Santa Anna Perez De Lebron

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Antonio de Lopez de Santa Anna Perez de Lebron was a great adult male. He was strong, low, smart, and clever. But he was besides a weak, chesty, stupid, foolish, and these are what most people remember about him. That is non how he truly was. In the undermentioned paragraphs I will state about the life and times of Santa Anna, and of his errors and accomplishments, I will state of the age of Santa Anna.

On February 21, 1794, Mexico received a great leader, who would impact her dramatic history to the fullest extent. His parents were Antonio Lafey de Santa Anna, and Manuela Perez de Labron. He was born a Crillo and raised by his parents with the best instruction they could afford. His male parent was likely a merchandiser, but that us uncertain. I reality Santa Anna had a short childhood, for in June of 1810, at merely 16 he joined the ground forces. He was extremely liked by his superior officers ( and the ladies ) , who gave him much regard and many wagess ( he had six decorations by 1821! ) . He was a protagonist of Itrubide, who he help convey to power and threw this he became a spot more politically oriented, which led to many great things.

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The first was Santa Anna helped convey to stop the monarchy created by Itrubide and overthrew him, conveying forth the Republic of Mexico, in 1823. He took no portion in the political portion of the new democracy, instead he took a major function in the military facet of the new democracy. In 1828 Vincente Guerrero became president of Mexico, Guerrero had helped Santa Anna overthrow Itrubide and shortly gave him the rubric of General of Division ( the highest place in the Mexican ground forces ) and Governor of Veracruz. In 1829 Spain was seeking to occupy Mexico threw Veracruz. So Santa Anna took control and attacked the Spanish forces and won. He was shortly know throughout Mexico as a hero and was a fable.

In 1830 Santa Anna made the current president resign and was rapidly elected president of Mexico. In office he had his Vice President Gomez Farias do most of his political work ( he even had to make the startup ceremonial for him ) , while he stayed at his Hacienda with his married woman Dona Ines Garcia. During a pestilence in Mexico City in 1834, Santa Anna used the diminished province of authorities to his advantage. He got rid of the current Congress and Vice President and shortly started to govern as a dictator in. Santa Anna during this clip used the tactics if his graven image Napoleon to govern. The Congress he appointed shortly grew weary of his work and every bit shortly as Santa Anna heard this he appointed a Interim President and went to his hacienda to wait for the authorities to prostration.

It shortly did. Texas, Mexico’s try to colonise the northern parts of it’s state’s territorial boundaries, was going rebellious and Santa Anna was shortly called in to stamp down this rebellion. Still moving as president ( being re-elected several times ) , he attacked the colonists, foremost at the Alamo in 1835 ( winning ) , so at Golaid ( besides winning ) . Then he faced of with Sam Houston ( the leader of the Rebels ) at the Battle of Jacinto on April 21, 1836, and was attacked at dark. Santa Anna about escaped the slaughter but his Equus caballus had died merely as he was interrupting free. After about a month of dialogues with U.S. president Jackson he was set free losing Texas. Soon after his return he was forced into retirement. But in 1838 he was brought out of retirement to contend against the Gallic in the “Pastry War”. It was called that because of the fact that during public violences three old ages before as Gallic pastry store had been destroyed, and France demanded 60,000 pesos for fixs. That war was lost, every bit good as Santa Anna’s left leg.

The Gallic were paid their money and were shortly forgotten. Even though he had lost the conflict Santa Anna was hailed as a hero and one time once more given dictatorial powers over Mexico. But one time once more retired. Soon his married woman died and he was able to remarry to Dona Dolores Tosta on October 3, 1844. But even as this occurred allegations of embezzlement of 60 mil. Pesos aroused and in 1845 Santa Anna was exiled to Venezuela but he fled to Cuba and lived there for one twelvemonth. Then he was one time once more summoned for his military services due to the war against the U.S.. It was at this clip he made his greatest and most popular blooper.

After get the better ofing General Taylor of the U.S. at Satillo, he went back to Mexico City and claim triumph, instead than maintain his place and guard Mexico. U.S. General Scott attacked Veracruz wholly get the better ofing the unprepared Mexican ground forces. After Mexico City was overthrown and the Gadsden Purchased was completed, Santa Anna was charged with lese majesty and despised by his fellow Mexicans. He shortly fled to Jamaica but so was needed to order Mexico once more and in to old ages was one time once more exiled to the Caribbean. In 1874 he was allowed back merely to hold lost all that he had owned and to populate in Mexico City with his brother-in-law. On June 21, 1876 he died, in shame and without a penny to his name. He had won infinite conflicts and served eleven footings as president.

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