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Scene & Costume Design

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2. Created or Found Space is different from traditional theaters used for performance. Different from conventional spaces, in a crated or found space the theater production takes place in space ordinarily used for another purpose or the space is created in an empty area. Every conceivable type of space can be used for theater: streets, parks, hospitals, churches, subway stations, lofts etc. and usually the space is chosen because of its context of play. Different from traditional theater spaces, in a created or found space there is only a minimum of scenery and the accommodations for spectators are limited, what can present problems for any kind of long-range theater.

This form of theater space brings theater closer to theater and that’s why I think the relationship between the audience and the performance is very close. The audience is very close to the action and people can feel like they are part of the performance.
1. Most Broadway plays are staged in proscenium or picture-frame stages.

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Scene & Costume Design
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The audience faces in one direction, toward an enclosed stage encased by a picture-frame opening. I think that the space suits good a Broadway play and this is because these plays provide a flexible transition zone between stage and the audience, adaptable to suit the needs of which performance. The stage area of a proscenium theater allows this adaption because Broadway theaters are usually deep, allowing an elaboration of scenery and scene shifts. Broadway theaters are arranged in that way that many pieces of scenery could be raised and lowered, which allows to meet every need of a performance. In my opinion, proscenium stage is ideal for most of Broadway plays. In a proscenium stage, the machinery and the workings can be hidden and impressive visual pictures can appear in stage as if by magic. Also, it allows the creation of any realistic setting or any other effect or fantasy and all of this can be created without effecting audience view or sitting. This form of stage…

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