Scene in a Flood Affected Area

Flood is one of the extremely annihilating natural catastrophes. It is a regular phenomenon in India. Every twelvemonth 1000s of lives are lost in inundation. Lakhs of people are rendered homeless.

Property deserving nucleuss of rupees is washed off. Every twelvemonth authorities spends 100s of nucleuss of rupees to rehabilitate the inundation victims. Therefore. inundation creates an excess load on the treasury.

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The sight of inundation affected country is atrocious. Last July I got an chance to see my hereditary small town in Darbhanga territory of Bihar. My uncle lives at that place. I was caught in inundation. At the same clip. I got a opportunity to hold a atrocious experience at that place. One dark I was fast asleep. all of a sudden I woke up to hear a loud noise. Water had entered the house. The bombardment on the Gandak River had broken and the river was overruning its bank. Peoples were flying for their lives. My uncle’s house is a three-storeyed edifice. Peoples had come at that place to hold a deliverance. I was besides woken up from the slumber. as I had slept in the land floor. I along with so many people was asked to travel to the 2nd floor. Peoples were alarmed. They were largely those people populating in clay huts. They were shouting for their properties. They had fled empty handed. They had left all their properties in their places which were certain to be washed off by the inundation.

In the forenoon. I went to 3rd floor to hold an overview of the scene. I was shocked to see the awful sight. There was nil except H2O at that place. In some faraway topographic points huts appeared as bantam little playthings. Poles. pillars and trees were submerged in H2O. At some distant topographic points people were standing on the roof top to get away from being washed off in inundation. A big figure of cowss were seen being flown off in mighty current of inundation. Standing harvests in big sweep of countries were washed off. There were no activities. Life seemed to hold come to a arrest.

Peoples had nil to eat. Therefore nutrient packages were being dropped for them. There was an occasional noise of winging choppers. The inundation victims had beams of hope in their eyes to acquire something to eat. The following twenty-four hours the disposal made agreement for the nutrient and shelter of those victims. The depredation of the inundation continued for two-three yearss. Then the H2O began to withdraw. Peoples took a suspiration of alleviation. There was joy of returning to their places. At the same clip they had the bigger challenge to restart their lives. Repairing their places. set uping their cowss. get downing agribusiness. were a few inquiries which they had to work out. Though the authorities gives fiscal alleviation to the inundation victims. Unfortunately. they fail to make the needy and the targeted. They are sucked in the mid-way. So. the bare world of life is to be faced on their ain.

The tragic scene of inundation has haunted my head. I still shudder at the mere idea of those scenes. But to 1000000s of Indians this is a blunt world which they are destined to confront routinely every twelvemonth. Government should make something serious to screen out this job.

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