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School President speech

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Nothing is more frustrating than looking up an item a teacher has told you look up and you are not allowed to view it. Trying to find the information is like expecting rain in a drought. Students should be allowed access more internet sites on school computer for class work. Teachers use multiple websites for teaching purposes. One of the major sites that are used is YouTube. YouTube is a great teaching tool for really every subject.

You have math classes where it shows you step by step how to work out an equation, English classes where you can listen to speeches, history classes where you watch historical events to eliminate the page by page reading which can be confusing at times, science classes where you watch videos over experiments, and Foreign languages which helps to learn the culture by visual seeing what happens.

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School President speech
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With access to YouTube you could go and look up the video at your own paste and be able to watch it as many times as needed to find the information you need.

Not only have I tried to look information on YouTube, but on another website and the schools had the website blocked. I tried looking up information for an event in a history class and my answer was on a historical museum website and I could not access the website because the school had the website blocked.

We know the schools have certain websites blocked because they are inappropriate or highly distracting, yet I don’t understand why they have blocked websites that are government websites or very appropriate websites that are strictly historical facts though. Growing up in a generation where technology is a major part of our daily lives we can get passed firewalls and blocked sites which if administration were to find out, disciplinary actions are taken upon you.

We all have music on our phones so having the music websites are not a big deal. Also most people are intelligent. Every student knows there is always someone watching and every site they visit is recorded, so why would they want to go on to “dirty” websites knowing they could be caught. As student president I would go to the school board and fight for our rights to be lifted on internet access but mostly YouTube and government sites for academic purpose only.

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