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Second Shepherds Play Research Paper The

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Second Shepherds Play Essay, Research Paper

The Second Shepherds Play goes against many of the features that Horace

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Second Shepherds Play Research Paper The
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believes should be in a drama. The drama does non remain in the boundaries of genres

by blending comedy with earnestness. It is non consistent ; it is non without

surprises. Finally, the writer did non wholly believe in Dulce Et Utile or

does he carefully weigh the judgement of his work. This drama combines a small

spot of comedy with utmost earnestness. The drama begins with three shepherds

guarding their sheep when a character named Mak joins them.

Mak steals a sheep

while the shepherds are kiping and take it place to his married woman. When the

shepherds arrive at Mak & # 8217 ; s house to see if he has stolen the sheep they are

fooled into believing that the sheep is a new born babe that Mak? s married woman has

merely delivered. Even with a close up position of the sheep/baby, the shepherds

believe it is merely an ugly babe with a large neb.

The penalty that the

shepherds inflict on Mak when they eventually realize the babe is a sheep is rather

comical besides. Stealing is a serious offense and it has been for rather some clip.

The shepherd merely place Mak inside a cover and flip him up and down a few

times. When the shepherds are finished bring downing their penalty on Mak they

return to guard their sheep. At this point in the drama the secret plan takes a complete

bend from comedy to seriousness. Other than the three shepherds still being

characters in the drama, the whole secret plan alterations. The three shepherds receive word

that babe Jesus is born in Bethlehem. The drama goes from one extreme to the

other surprisingly fast ; it is about two separate dramas. Dulce Et Utile is a

Latin word that means to give ple

asure and net income. When a author has the gift of

narrative stating they should portion it by composing and printing their narratives or

dramas. Person with a true gift of being able to compose will give pleasance to

those who read it. When a narrative or drama is published and bought by those who

read it, the writer makes a net income from it. The writer of The Second Shepherds

Play is unknown. During the twenty-four hours and age when this drama was written it was non

the proper profession to hold being a author. If one was lucky plenty to hold

the endowment of being a author they did it without subscribing their name to it. Not

merely did this non uncover the writer, but besides it prevented the writer from

having any existent net income from his plant. This is really unlike the Hellenic and

Roman yearss when the dramatist would hold a choragos for his drama. A choragos is

a fiscal angel that would pay the dramatist a wage while he was composing

the drama and back up the public presentation of it at the festival. If the dramatist

were lucky plenty to win at the festival they would have more net income from

their drama. The writer of this drama did non carefully weigh the judgement of his

work. If he had carefully weighed the judgement of his work, he would hold been

proud of it and signed his name to it. It is evidently good work or it wouldn & # 8217 ; T

be published and studied today. Possibly The Second Shepherds Play does travel against

the features that Horace feels should be included in dramas, but so

possibly it has features of its ain. The writer of class will ne’er see the

net income that this drama has generate from being published and performed, but possibly

someday, person will happen out who the writer is and give acknowledgment where it

is due.

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