Shawshank Redemption Research Paper Great Expectations

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Shawshank Redemption Essay, Research Paper

Great Expectations: Father figures, wise mans and frequenters

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Pip s pursuit for individuality is until the return of Magwich, based on false values. In this pursuit he is influenced by ( for good or for ailment ) a figure of figures whom he regards about as surrogable parents. Write an essay, which closely considers the function of each the function of each of the following male parent figures, wise mans and frequenters, measuring their influences on Pip in footings of the novels subjects. Use detailed mention to the text and brief relevant citations to exemplify your observations.

Mick jaggers


Miss Havisham

Abel Magwitch

Joe Gargery

Mick jaggers

Mick jaggers is Pip s defender, by the exiled Magwitch. He is a well-known barrister and his widely respected by everyone, felons and gentlemen. He is a barrister, who will ever seek and acquire his clients off their sentence, utilizing any agencies possible, even if they are illegal. He may utilize false informants and works grounds to acquire his clients off the sentence. In this sense, he is no better than his clients and he knows this but he ever tries to distance himself from the resistance, poorness oppressed universe that he ends up supporting. He does this both mentally and physically, by rinsing his custodies after talking to a client, to about pass over the jobs of his clients off, drunkard that he can mentally visualize himself taking the moral high land. Morals- this is another interesting factor. There are no ethical motives and each adult male has to be avaricious to win. Jaggers is amoral and immoral at the same clip, he knows that to win he has to rip off and forge informants, but he know what is right and incorrect and good and evil. He knows that his actions are immoral, but society was non governed by ethical motives at that clip. He is besides so careful to makes certain that no 1 can observe his corruptness, in the linguistic communication he uses, usage informed Pip, non told. As so non to implicate himself and talk in an about sort of codification, in instance of any people hearing.

He said this when he was being supportive toward Pip and less aggressive, but by and large he is operates in an aggressive mode both towards people, clients and truly anyone. When we foremost meet him decently in the Jolly Bargemen at Pip s hometown, Mr Wopsle is reading a play about a courtroom play to Joe and some other familiarities in the presence of Jaggers. When he finishes reading Mick jaggers asked him what he thought the result of the instance would be, he thought the suspect guilty, but Jaggers so said How can you be so certain, without hearing complete grounds? and the temper of a light hearted atmosphere alterations as Mick jaggers starts to about talk Wopsle about doing anticipations before full grounds was heard. The atmosphere changed merely by Mick jaggers looking pleasance in stating people that they were incorrect. He besides has a wont of throwing is forefinger at people when talking to them which makes the receiving system feel as if they are being interrogated.

He can make this and cognize that a individual will non revenge is because people would non make bold choler him or seek and dent his pride, because he has helped so many felons get off charges, the individual who had tried to harm Jaggers would hold the condemnable population to reply to every bit good. He besides takes pride in this, by stating that he can go forth his house unlocked without being robbed, because he is so well-thought-of. He is about a megalomaniac and is obsessed by his power.

When Pip and negotiations to the reader about his feelings about Mick jaggers, he uses negative linguistic communication, Jagger s dark office, with the two masks that remind him of decease. It is begrimed and dirty. The wall is peculiarly soiled where clients have been backed against it. The topographic point seems so soiled, with the inkinesss and flies everyplace and everything layered with dust and grit that lay midst. Pip, the storyteller, repeatedly uses words such as distorted, distorted, awful, and twitchy while depicting the office. All these words create an eerie atmosphere every bit good as a skittish image of Mr. Jaggers. Mr. Jaggers is a powerful character that is rough, and everything about him seems terrorization and fierce. The room indirectly gives an feeling on what Mr Jaggers is like; his high arm chair with horsehair nailed with brass nail, like a casket. This armchair acts as a manner of showing his power. It is dry how person with so much power would utilize horsehair ( whereas a gentleman might utilize leather ) , killing an animate being, to utilize as portion of his furniture. And yet, this hair is nailed down onto the chair, as if the power would run off.

An old rusty handgun, a blade in a scabbard, several strange- looking boxes and bundles. The objects that are lying around his room Don T seem like things that a existent barrister would hold puting around in his office. There is non so many documents about which is besides rather uneven. Two awful dramatis personaes on a shelf, of faces particularly swollen, and twitchy about the olfactory organ. These dramatis personaes being jerking about the nose might move as the upper category are watching Mr. Jaggers.

Yet Pip ne’er says anything against him. He has the extreme regard for Jaggers. I believe it is the mode that Jagger s has about him that seems to command regard, the manner he is so precise to non implicate himself. When Jagger s invites Pip to dinner with him, Pip hates the juncture because Pip s arch-rival Bentley Drummel. Jaggers likes Drummel and refers to him dearly as Spider. Why? Does he truly lkike him or is it that Drummel, this lazy, greedy, useless adult male confirms all hs disenchantments of adult male and justifies his cynicism? I think the latter.

Pip admires Jaggers dedication to work aand his proffesionalism. He learns indirectly from Mick jaggers that he should ever oppugn authorization and the roots of a individuals power. He admires Mick jaggers because he is a powerful figure that is successful because of his intelligence to oppugn things and argue. Besides traveling to Jaggers offices gives Pip a aftermath up call that the universe of the genteel is what Jaggers workplace is. Filthy. I do non believe that it is because Jaggers is the jobber in the exchange of Magwitch s money, because Jaggers is making his occupation. He gets paid by Magwitch to make the occupation and he does it because that is what he is paid to make.

Joe Gargery

Joe is the lone character who is off from the chief portion of action. He stays off from London, for the most portion, and merely intervenes when Pip wants to see him or is needed by him. He is ever present in Pip’s head, and tends to remind both Pip and the reader of those values in Pip that were crushed during the development of his outlooks. Joe is an honorable adult male, although he comes across as an imbecile to some characters in the novel. He is besides a generous and forgiving adult male, which is clear in his reaction to holding some nutrient taken from his house by the inmate. Joe tells the inmate that he was welcome to it, since it kept the inmate from hungering.

Joe is besides the lone character in the novel with no existent belongings. All that he counts as his ain are his tools; all else, in Joe’s head, belongs to Mrs. Joe. His freedom from material goods and the desire for them sets him apart from the “gentlemen” like Pumblechook in the novel. Joe was a kid of an opprobrious household; his male parent was a rummy and round Joe and his female parent. The epitaph that Joe composes for his male parent reveals the extent of his forgiving nature. The same epitaph, “Whatsumever the weaknesss on his portion, Remember, reader, he were that good in his bosom,” applies to Pip, every bit good, as he finishes his escapades. Joe is far more important than the virtuous and kindly blacksmith he appears to be. Dickens refers to him as “holy”, and the bungalow has an air of “holiness” for Pip. Joe is opposed to all false values, and does non show his position in a tedious address, but instead within himself and in his actions. Joe besides rejects the importance of belongings, reasonably address, and manners. Yet this does non do him ignorant as he regards Pip educatoion crucial and thinks of it and even tries his manus at it even though Pip s efforts are in vain. Besides he has an apprehension of people and sensitiveness that allows him to feel whether he is wanted by Pip or is simply doing him uncomfortable. The fire of Joe’s forge is symbolic or Joes goodness in a universe corrupt by greed and immorality.

Joe creates a sense of honestness, morality and friendliness in Pip, while Mrs. Joe does a great trade to lend to his desires and aspirations through her changeless accent on the genteel and belongings. Pip is by and large good-natured and thoughtful.

However when Pip goes to Satis House to play and delight the cryptic Miss Havisham, he meets Estella. Here he foremost starts to reject Joe s simpleness contemplation and good nature, because Estella is non impressed by his position of being the orphan of a Blacksmith. Unfortunately for Pip and Joe this decreases the sum of regard that he has for Joe. His disaffection from Joe and Joe’s values physiques as Pip becomes selfish, greedy, and foolish. The first glance of a hostile emotion towards Joe and the forge is over his visual aspect. Estella ridicules Pip’s coarse custodies and thick boots, every bit good as his wont of naming Jacks, Jacks alternatively of rogues. In add-on to guilt that he feels for holding done incorrect things, Pip becomes ashamed over factors of which he has no control. He even feels shame for his comrade Joe and the forge. “I wished Joe had been instead more genteelly brought up, and so I should hold been so too.” An attitude of rejection and embarrassment is created as a direct consequence of his infatuation with the distant and unachievable, sophisticated image of the genteel and beauty ( Estella ) .

He pursues further the semblance of the genteel and position, in which Pip partakes in an empty pursuit to happen true satisfaction. However, his chase of satisfaction via the genteel Michigans suddenly when he finds out about Magwitch being his helper. Pip begins to reject the thought that was enforce on him by Estella, Pumblechook, Havisham and Mrs Gargery. of one’s value being based on belongings and position, and comes back to the simpleness and true love of his old friends. In a sense, Pip’s journey takes him through a rise and autumn of visual aspects. He starts off severel

Y disliking gentlemen, by the image given to him by Pumblechook, he meets Estella and Satis House and his positions alteration of the genteel and rejects the simple love and kindness shown to him a the Forge for a chase of genteel and after gaining how much he had over estimated the values of the genteel and under estimated the love shown to him by Joe, Biddy, the Pockets and to a certain extent Magwitch, he returns to a diluted version of his original positions.

Miss Havisham

Pip went to play at Satis House for Miss Havisham, he did this and because Miss Havisham was the lone rich and affluent individual that the Gargerys knew, Pip automatically assumed that Miss Havisham was his benefactoress. He besides thought Estella was meant for him every bit good.

Miss Havisham hated work forces of all time since her awful matrimony to Compeyson who engaged to her for the Havisham household s money which he made a pot of gold from. To do retaliation against adult male she adopts Estella, non as a loving action but to turn her into a cold hearted, disdainful adult female, who would do work forces obsessed with her by her really good expressions. Estella was encouraged to rehearse this on Pip, to interrupt his bosom. Paradoxically, this was Havishams biggest error. She hardened Estella and gave her a rock alternatively of a bosom, by making this, Estella s deficiency of humanity and negative feelings would backlash and go forth Miss Havisham entirely when Miss Havisham tries to change over Estella into non being the cold individual she was but Estealla answers with: “I am what you have made me. Take all the congratulations, take all the incrimination; take all the success, take all the failure; in short, take me.” Besides, when Pip negotiations to Miss Havisham and tells her that he is still profoundly devoted to her, Miss Havisham realises that Pip would hold protected Estella and would non hold done the things that Compeyson did to herself. She so realises that she has ruined Estellas life.

Miss Havisham was traveling to be engaged to Compeyson and to get married, but he left her at the last minute before their nuptials and it devastated her, because she loved Compeyson so much and when she realised that she had been used for fiscal benfit by him, she went huffy with fury. This lunacy caused her to make some really unnatural things: she kept all the redstem storksbills at 20 proceedingss to nine, she wore the same nuptials frock, that she had worn when Compeyson left her, every twenty-four hours, despite the fact that it was now xanthous with putrefaction. She even seems twisted as she shows Pip with great delectation, the room where she will be laced when she is dead. This room is infested with rats and is dark and cold and is decomposing. I believe that this is symbolic of Miss Havishams head, the rats being all the problems and bad memories and experiences that she can non acquire rid of and these problems are now the lone things that she has got to keep on to.


Wemmick is the clerk and closest helper to Mr. Jaggers. He has two lives: one at the office and one at place. At the office, he is austere, cold and described as holding a wooden face with well-defined characteristics and a station box oral cavity. Wemmick is a yes adult male for Mr. Jaggers at the office, copying him in about every manner, including the scatterings that he invariably casts at his clients. Wemmick becomes familiarities with Pip through their traffics with Mr. Jaggers.

When Wemmick invites Pip over to his place, he sees another side of Wemmick that is ne’er seen at the office. Wemmick visibly softens, as they near his house and becomes rather good-humored. I would propose that it reminds Pip of the life he used to hold at the Forge. Wemmick lives with his male parent, the Aged. This Aged is a really good-natured adult male, he does what he can for his boy, like maintaining a changeless supply of toast and reading to him, he is besides really deaf.

Wemmick has a place made to look like a palace, complete with a fosse, lift bridge, and cannon that Wemmick fires every dark before he goes to kip, this blast of the cannon greatly pleases the Aged as it is the lone thing he hears. This really idealised place scene is in direct contrast with Wemmick’s office life.

While Wemmick is a good adult male, he is really false and is forced to set on a mask of indifference in order to last all of the atrocious, seedy Acts of the Apostless and people that he must cover with on a day-to-day footing. Without this screen, he would likely travel huffy. Wemmick proves to be Pip’s most loyal friend ( along with Herbert ) and aids him in many legal and condemnable affairs. Wemmick helps Pip to avoid being discovered as Provis’s abettor and allows him to in secret back up the development of Herbert’s hereafter, the one good act that he performs with his money.

He besides has a romantic involvement in Miss Skiffins. Wemmick, when at his place, is a good illustration of what a true gentleman is, nevertheless, his character is wholly changed when at the office.

In the office, he is like a machine. This visual aspect he puts away as an semblance of a difficult working adult male while the truth is that he is really happy and sprightly. At his comfy, castle-like place, Wemmick is really pleasant and cheerful. Pip made the error of adverting Mr. Wemmick’s double personality in the work topographic point, in forepart of Mr. Jaggers, the foreman. Pip “turned to Wemmick, and said, ‘ Wemmick, I know you to be a adult male with a soft bosom. I have seen your pleasant place, and your old male parent, and all the guiltless cheerful playful ways with which you refresh your concern life. To which Jaggers, himself releases a spot of his difficult working character, by taking a start.


High societal position seems to hold a beautiful visual aspect, but the veracity of the category system is non every bit good as it would look. When Pip realizes that his true helper is an at large inmate named Abel Magwich, he immediately does non desire the money. Magwich’s purposes were to turn Pip into a gentleman through the usage of his money because of a difficult lesson that Magwich learned. Magwich had been a hapless adult male and had worked for a rich adult male named Compeyson. Compeyson had the visual aspect of a gentleman. “He set up fur a gentleman, this Compeyson, and he’d been to a public boarding-school and had acquisition. He was a smooth one to speak, and was a tap at the ways of gentlefolks. He was good-looking excessively … but he’d no more bosom than an Fe file, he was every bit cold as decease, and he had the caput of the Satan afore mentioned.” Compeyson’s visual aspect helped him in a instance against him and Magwich. Compeyson said a really divulging quotation mark to Magwich: “To judge from visual aspects, you’re out of fortune” ( 373 ) In the test, this was really apparent. Although Compeyson had been the worse of the two in their offense, Magwich “noticed how heavy it all dullard on me, and how light on him … warn’t it me as could merely state, ‘ Gentleman, this adult male at my side is a most cherished rogue?’And when the finding of fact semen, warn’t it Compeyson as was recommended to mercy on history of good character and bad company …” ( 276 ) Magwich was sentenced to twice Compeyson’s gaol clip. When Magwich spoke of Compeyson in forepart of soldiers make up one’s minding their destiny, he even stated that the visual aspect of a gentleman is frequently confused with the truth. “He’s a gentleman, if you please, this villain.” ( 44 ) When told this, a soldier said, “You’re non much to look at.” He of class was judging by bearing. In this semblance of the societal categories of society, one horrible, affluent adult male is placed above a good hapless adult male because of the false visual aspect that the upper category is better. When Estella found out that Pip had come into a huge luck, she recommended that “‘ Since your alteration of luck and chances, you have changed your comrades … . And needfully,’she added in a haughty tone;’what was fit company for you one time would be rather unfit company for you now.’” ( 257 ) Estella’s true male parent is Magwich and true female parent is a servant, but she is raised by a rich adult female and is hence upper-middle-class. By birth, nevertheless, she is in the underside of lower category. In contrast, Biddy, an orphan amah, and Joe, Pip’s brother in jurisprudence, both maintain the visual aspect of lowly on the societal categories of 19th century England. However, they both have such fantastic personalities and great positions on life that in world, they are better people than the

Estella herself is isolated, as for most of the novel she takes pleasance in her function of retaliator. Her isolation is in portion responsible for Pips snobbism and his alienation from Joe and Biddy. Like Miss Haversham she becomes a victim of her ain intrigues. She enters into a loveless matrimony to Drummle, who is cruel to her. This shows that no affair how hardhearted one tries to be, there is ever person more heartless. The instrument of retaliation punishes the retaliator and is punished in return.

. Magwitch, nevertheless, is isolated by the system, he uses Pip as his agent of retaliation. Magwitchs’motivations are non merely retaliation, but besides gratitude for the nutrient Pip gave him in his hr of demand. He develops a fatherlike fondness towards Pip, who in the terminal returns his fondness. It is Magwitch who has the best grounds for discrediting in human company, that supported it the most.


He endures adversity and triumphantly emerges a mature, thoughtful individual.

Wemmick reveals that Jaggers excessively can hide the truth. In one of Jaggers instances as a attorney, he had to seek a adult female named Molly for a slaying instance. He dressed her up in smaller, feminine apparels to do her visual aspect seem smaller and more bantam. She was acquitted due to this semblance, although the world behind this visual aspect was that she truly had committed this offense. In more than one blink of an eye in this novel, the results of state of affairss are frequently decided on the visual aspect of semblances versus the truth of world.

The mendacity of the characters and the scenes in this book enforce that if one can prosecute world, the truth can be found behind an semblance. Pips outlooks were thwarted because his existent dreams were shattered when the truth was revealed. The societal position of 19th century England was merely a forefront to rate people by their fiscal and economical advantages and disadvantages. In world, societal position does non intend that those richer lead better lives. In actuality, the lower category is above the upper categories because of the moral virtue that they possess in comparing to those above them. The scenes in Great

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