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Shawshank Redemption 2 Research Paper Shawshank

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Shawshank Redemption 2 Essay, Research Paper

Shawshank Redemption

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Shawshank Redemption 2 Research Paper Shawshank
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The chief character, Andy, is an comptroller who was convicted of slaying his ain married woman. He is taken out of a life in which he is comfy and placed in an environment that is wholly foreign to him. The of other captives & # 8217 ; life styles are non similar to his ain. Andy is educated and likely has ne’er had any other offenses other than parking misdemeanors. The challenges that Andy faces throughout the class of this film will forever transform his life.

The first challenge Andy faces is trying to place a group in which he can place with. When he foremost reaches the prison, as with all new inmates, he is sexually assaulted. He invariably resists sexually progresss by other inmates. While confronting other ordeals he hopes to happen a group of people he can place with. Andy uses his huge fiscal cognition to assist a prison guard maintain a revenue enhancement free $ 35,000 left to him by his brother.

His lone petition is that the prison guard gives all the captives three beers each. Andy so makes his friends for the continuance of his stay at Shawshank Prison.

The following challenge that Andy faces is maintaining the one thing that he holds beloved, hope. The hope that he would one twenty-four hours live as free adult male one time once more. Andy & # 8217 ; s best friend is a adult male named Red. Red was convicted of slaying during a robbery at an age of 18 and was sentenced to life. He has had multiple parole board hearings and each of them were denied. Red has lost all hope of populating one twenty-four hours as a free adult male once more.

Andy keeps himself busy by transforming the prison into a more comfy environment but he is ne’er wholly assimilated into prison life. Andy has a avocation of playing cheat in which he carves the pieces with random stones found in the courtyard.

In add-on, Andy has gained the attending of the

warden by assisting the prison guard maintain a revenue enhancement free $ 35,000. The Warden needs Andy’s aid to wash money that he is gaining from work undertakings. Andy does non loose sight of his true end, freedom.

Andy is placed in a place in which he can assist the other captives. He convinced the warden to hold the library expanded and besides started a literacy plan. At one point in the film Andy even played music over the prison intercom. Many of the captives were ne’er able to hear music something so little that we likely take for granted. Andy was beaten badly for this act but he could non be broken. His noncompliance was rewarded by two hebdomads in lone parturiency. Regardless of the penalty he ne’er forgot who he was or his personal end.

The flood tide of the narrative occurs when he decides he is traveling to eventually get away. At the beginning of the film Andy purchases a little cock from Red. Red joked about utilizing the cock to burrow out of the prison. Over the class of his stay at the prison he manage to burrow from his ain cell to through 50 pess of solid concrete to the prison pipe system. The lone privacy of the hole was a posting of a theoretical account. His flight required him to creep 250 paces through sewerage waste were he traveled to a local bank to retreat the hard currency he had laundered for the warden. He escaped to Mexico to populate the remainder of his old ages as a free adult male.

I can portion my personal experiences with other RA & # 8217 ; s so that I can supply encouragement to them. Regardless of the job you can ever suit yourself to the particular job. Although, the character found assimilation detrimental and it was non even an option for him. He would hold had to give up his ain individuality and act as a mindless slave. In add-on, I would portion with them my ain experiences when suiting in relevant and when assimilation is relevant.

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