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Social Progress During The War

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    Or the Guerre de la Conquête as the French Canadians call it, was a battle between the French and Brits (the British). It is considered to be the cause of a bigger war between the European countries, which started two years after The French And Indian War. It lasted seven years which made most in Europe and Canada call it ‘the Seven-Year War’. The F. and I. War was fought for control of North America. The result of this war caused the French to sign a treaty with the Brits and give them land east of the Mississippi River. This also forced the Brits to impose taxes on the English Colonies. A fun fact of this war is that both sides had help from the Native Americans. The Brits worked with Iroquois, Catawba, and Cherokee tribes while the French had Wabanaki Confederacy. (tribes Abenaki and Mi’kmaq, and the Algonquin, Lenape, Ojibwa, Ottawa, Shawnee, and Wyandot tribes.) This is social progress because it pushes the colonists towards owning the land and inspiring thing in the future.

    Stamp Act March 22, 1765

    Representative Government

    The Stamp Act was a tax on documents, such as playing cards, dice, patent medicines, cheques, mortgages, contracts, marriage licenses and newspapers. The purpose of the tax was to pay for the troops that fought in the F. and I. War that was stationed in North America. However the tax backfired seeing how the colonists felt that their constitutional rights were being ripped in front of them since only their own colonial legislatures could levy taxes. This began to cause the colonists to protest by boycott British goods, such as the items earlier stated and others. With riots and boycotts getting out of hand, the King felt forced to remove the Act in December 31, 1967. It’s representative government, or rather opposite, because it didn’t allow the colonists to represent themselves and what they believe in.

    Boston Massacre March 5, 1770

    Social Progress

    This horrific night was an event where drunk colonists were making fun, threatening, and harrassing British Soldiers stationed to protect royal officials. While doing this, the colonist were throwing snowballs that had rocks and other items stored inside. The comotion was so loud, that no one was able to hear if the General say “Fire!”. Because of this, Patriots (People against the Brits having control over america) used this as a means of propaganda against the stationed soldiers in America. This made everyone besides the rich hate the Brits. John Adams later defended the soldiers in court. It is social progress because the colonists used this in their favor on getting ahold of the feelings of others.

    Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773

    Representative Government

    With all the tax Act’s that were pushed on the colonist’s, there was many protests. The most memorable and biggest protest was the Boston Tea Party. After the tax on tea, colonists banded together to come up as a way to show how much the tax was unfair. On December 16th, 1773, a bunch of Patriots, while wearing disguises that looks like Cherokee Native Americans, went out to a ship harboring tea from Europe and proceeded to dump and pour all of the goods into the waters of the Boston Harbor. This was a huge step for the Patriots and Boycotting. It also showed King George III(The King of England at the time) that the people he has been trying to get to give him gold is upset that he is taking advantage of them. Especially after the war against the French. It is Representative Government because of how the colonists are behind The Patriots who poured the tea into the sea.

    The First Continental Congress Convenes Sept. 5, 1774

    Representative Government

    That which convened in Carpenter’s Hall, Philadelphia, called by the Committees of Correspondence, had 56 delegates to represent each of the colonies beside Georgia. They got together to organize colonial resistance to Parlements Coercive Acts.They were trying to find a peaceful way to make a solution to their problems. Patrick Henry, George Washington, John Adams, and John Jay were among some of the people at Congress. [Its Representative Government because of how the delegates are representing each of the colonies.]

    Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death” Speech March 23, 1775

    Social Progress

    Henry’s speech was used as a means to give the boycotts and patriots a belief and voice to all against them. It showed the loyalists that these patriots are tired of being treated wrongly. It was brought up because the thought of a war against Great Britain was guaranteed. Patrick Henry preformed a powerful speech that was to raise the spirits of the new found militia and to fight against Britain in a Richmond church. A line from the speech performed is, “ I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” This encouraging speech is an important part of America’s history. [ Its Social Progress because it shows America standing on its on feet unlike when it was first came together with the 13 colonies.]

    Paul Revere’s Ride and the Battle Of Lexington and Concord April 18th- 19th, 1775

    The ride that night was a time to show how brave and prepared the patriots was. The night the british arrived and started to advance to try and control the Americans. Paul Revere traveled through towns telling the people that the british were on their way. Not far behind, the brits- with over 700 men- was sitting in Lexington. The minute-men ( a militia that was requested to be ready in a minutes notice) began to fight the brits back. Loss after loss, the brits was pushed back to Boston and forced to call on reinforcements. There was a loss of 273 brits and less than 100 American Soldiers.

    Battle Of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775

    Social Progress

    Breed’s Hill, Charleston at the time was the positions of warfare in the weirdly named Bunker Hill battle. This was the part of an American siege on Boston which was controlled by Britain. The Brits eventually cleared the Hill, but suffered a loss in a lot of men. Every battle between the Patriots usually ended in the colonists earning an advantage with the lack of loss in men. I say this is social progress, which alot of these are, because the colonist were growing and showing the Brits the mean business.

    Thomas Paine’s Common Sense published January 1776

    Representative Government

    This is the pamphlet that paved the road that the Declaration of Independence drove past. This 50 page pamphlet was sold 100,000 making it the most sold book in America (in revelation to the population of the states.) It is representative gov. because the colonists was officially showing that they should stand up for themselves.

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