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Sodexo Lawsuit Summary



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    Sodexo agreed to continue or to implement the programmatic initiatives outlined in the particular section. The Parties recognize that Sodexo has expended significant resources and would provide significant economic and other benefits to Sodexo and its employees. A. Commitment to EEO and Diversity 1. Statement of Commitment to Diversity Sodexo shall communicate clearly that it is fully committed to being a leader in the field of diversity and equal employment opportunity.

    To that end, Sodexo shall adopt and publish the following Statement of Commitment to Diversity: Just as Sodexho is a leader in the food and facilities management industry, we are committed to promoting and fostering equal opportunity in all operations of our company. Sodexho believes that diversity and inclusion is a fundamental and indispensable objective which strengthens the company, maximizes the investment of shareholders, and prepares us to lead in the 21st century.

    Sodexho is fully committed to ensuring not only compliance with the equal opportunity laws, but also a deeper commitment to the principle that diversity and inclusion will help us realize our greatest potential as a company and maximize the potential of all of our employees. 2. Communicating Sodexo’s Diversity Commitment Each year of the Decree, Sodexo shall publish an annual Diversity Report in brochure form comparable to the 2004 Annual Diversity and Inclusion Report. In this report, Sodexo shall reaffirm its commitment to diversity and shall include the Statement of Commitment to Diversity (“Statement”).

    Each year, Sodexo shall provide copies of the Diversity Report to its exempt employees. In addition, Sodexo shall post the Statement of Commitment to Diversity prominently on its website. Sodexo shall also include the Statement in its Company Policy Manual and Employee Handbook upon their next revision. 3. Non-Discrimination Policy Within ninety (90) days of the Effective Date of the Decree, Sodexo shall internally republish its company-wide policy prohibiting racial discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation to exempt employees by means rdinarily used to communicate with exempt employees such as e-mails or newsletters. 4. Diversity in Promotional Opportunities Sodexo is committed to a diverse workplace. The provisions of Section VII of the Decree aims to ensure that African-American managers are not limited in their ability to hold positions in or seek promotions to a variety of client accounts and client locations.

    B. EEO and Diversity Training 1. Affirmative Action Training. In the past three years, Sodexo has offered affirmative action reporting and planning training to all General Managers at units with fifty or more employees and to all District Managers covered by a District roll-up Affirmative Action Plan. Sodexo shall continue to offer comparable training to newly hired or promoted managers in these categories within twelve months after their hire or promotion. 2. EEO Training a. By the end of February 2004, Sodexo had provided equal opportunity and affirmative action training to managers, including human resources managers, who were employed as of September 2002.

    Sodexo tracks participation in the training program. b. Sodexo agrees that, during the term of the Decree, it shall provide eight-hour equal opportunity and affirmative action training, using the curriculum developed by Seyfarth Shaw or comparable curriculum, to any current managers who have not yet received it and to all newly hired managers and persons promoted into a manager position for the first time within twelve months after their appointment. c.

    In addition, Sodexo shall provide two-hour refresher EEO training to its managers either in person or via the internet, at least once every three years. 3. Diversity Training Beginning in the second quarter of 2004, Sodexo provided full-day, companywide diversity training to managers. This training shall be provided to up to 3,000 managers each fiscal year until all managers have had the opportunity to receive such training. This training shall include, but need not be limited to, understanding the business case for diversity, understanding biases and their impact on employment decisions, developing kills to more effectively manage a diverse workforce, and developing a personal action plan to be more culturally competent Manager and Executive Accountability.

    C. Manager and Executive Accountability 1. Champion of Diversity Training for Executive Team Sodexo shall conduct three-hour Champion of Diversity training for its Executive Team each year which shall focus on how the Executive Team can effectuate diversity within Sodexo. 2. Diversity and Inclusion Component of Bonus Plan a. Sodexo has added a diversity and inclusion component to its annual bonus plan for bonus-eligible managers. Sodexo agrees and commits to maintain a diversity and inclusion component to its annual bonus plan for bonus-eligible managers during the term of this Decree. b. The diversity component will be measured in part through the Sodexo Diversity Index (“SDI”) and a scorecard system. Sodexo will retain the right to determine annually the appropriate configuration of and criteria and weightings for the SDI.

    The criteria will include, among other things, performance in the areas of promotions of African-Americans and diversity in overall salaried exempt staffing. c. No less than 10% of the available annual incentive pool target will be designated as the diversity bonus pay-out for bonus-eligible managers. Sodexo reserves the right not to pay the diversity portion of the bonus to a particular manager even if the applicable criteria are achieved if the manager has engaged in serious misconduct that is contrary to the spirit of the Company’s diversity efforts or that otherwise has resulted in disciplinary action. . For members of the Executive Team, no less than 20% of the available annual incentive bonus pool target will be designated as the diversity bonus pay-out. e. Within ninety (90) days of the Effective Date of the Decree, Sodexo shall disseminate to all bonus-eligible managers a written description of the Sodexo Diversity Index and scorecard system and the diversity and inclusion component of the annual bonus plan.

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