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Soma in Brave New World

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In the perfect society. adult male does non necessitate to fall back to drugs to maintain society in balance. But in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. society is based on maintaining everyone happy. and if for some ground person becomes unhappy so there is ever soma. the “perfect” drug. The full society is based upon conditioned responses and predestination. where the person does what is expected and does it good. The haoma helps to maintain the society traveling. ever working to maintain production traveling.

merely like Ford’s assembly line.

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Soma in Brave New World
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Although the Controllers’ societies do function—people cognize what they need to make. people are happy. people have soma. and people can hold pleasure whenever they like—and things get done. those same things could be done in a different manner. The debut of the Savage shows a different side of the narrative ; the Savage. ne’er conditioned and born to an existent female parent. has different thoughts about society—especially haomas.

The Savage is non happy with the life that the “civilized” people live. To him it seems like a large semblance. The people are conditioned to non hold emotions. but worlds can non truly be worlds without emotions. Even though the Savage had several opportunities to “have” Lenina any clip he wanted. he didn’t want to. He wanted passion. he wanted person to love. and most significantly he wanted his feelings to be existent. visceral—not unnaturally imposed.

The “perfect” drugs that can be developed in the hereafter will non make mankind any favours. because while a “soma” may maintain people happy. it renders worlds bland machines devoid of emotion. And it has ever been emotion that was the drive force behind human action: love for scientific discipline. love for others. hatred for offense. hatred for disease. and even greed have guided people. Huxley’s haoma represents a arrest in advancement. a standstill for humanity ; an epoch where all the reliable joy and admiration and maliciousness and enviousness of life are all suppressed by chemicals every bit man-made as the feelings they produce.

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