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Sop for Landscape Architecture

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  • Pages 3
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    I am Maryam Sheykholmolouki that writing to apply for graduate study towards the Master of Landscape Architecture at Morgan State University since I feel strongly that my educational background and work experience make me a strong candidate for admission to your programs. I am An Iranian Woman with a global mentality and a passion for art coming to life through Landscape architecture; I have helped to prepare myself for a Master’s Program by spending 4 Years in Tehran University.

    Now, I wish to continue my education in Landscape architecture and urban design at Morgan State University, where I hope to have the opportunity to build upon what I have learned in Tehran University and to learn how to think in ever more sophisticated and creative ways about how to improve urban or every Sites, Landscape architectural designs, especially in sustainable and socially responsible ways. I am a Woman who has long been dedicated to the goal of contributing to my community, giving something back to society. As an undergraduate student, I was actively involved with Drawing.

    Now, I am an active participant in the group Landscape Engineering for Humanity. In addition to completing my Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Engineering at Tehran University, I also had the privilege of serving as a Teaching Assistant for the fall semester prior to my graduation the following spring. I tutored students in a class entitled “Basic Design” and was part of the panel that graded the students on their project presentations. A special highlight of my undergraduate years was the opportunity to Coordinator of Landscaping Congress.

    There, in addition to Landscape Architecture and urban design, I also studied and absorbed Landscape Architecture history and arts. My undergraduate degree was from Tehran University where I graduated with a major in Landscape Engineering. I see my background in landscape engineering as an excellent foundation for my subsequent professional studies in landscape architecture and urban design, since urban architecture is ultimately a reflection of landscape engineering. My favorite spot was nature where I spent countless hours to taking photo graph, drawing.

    It was at this point that my interests in green space became firmly wed to my interests in landscape architecture and urban design. Now, I see architecture and urban design as a direct reflection of landscape . I fascinated by the art and history of landscape architecture and urban design. Especially since studying at Tehran University, sustainability is the concept that is most central to my professional intellectuality. I long to see a world that is better designed in terms of harmony with nature, the environment, and takes into consideration the housing needs of those among us who are in greatest need of assistance.

    I see landscape architecture and urban design as practical forms of fine art in an ongoing process of discovery. Through my examination of landscape architecture, I learn how my location in society is reflected in the way that I see, think, and feel about my environment. I had a presentation about sustainable design and management. The discussions that took place at this presentation impressed upon me even further the way in which questions of human rights, justice, and even the survival of our species depend upon creative landscape design and urban design.

    My vast love for landscape architecture is accompanied by a complimentary love for photography, and music as well. During my school years at developing exceptional talent, I became acquainted with numerous classical musicians and worked as a staff photographer. Both music and photography have enriched the way I look at architecture and the critical vision that I have for landscape architecture. I feel that this experience has also helped to prepare me for making the maximum contribution possible as a graduate student at Morgan State University.

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