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Stephen Vincent Benet

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Merely in a clip when the force per unit area of the universe amounts to angst and the

battle for freedom can a universe progress in it & # 8217 ; s literary accomplishments. A author,

merely like an creative person, builds his creative activities from the temper and scenes of the

environing atmosphere. In the first half of the 20th century, the

atmosphere was filled with resources to excite literary creativeness, such as

the 2nd World War and the Great Depression ( Roache 102: 14 ) . The societal

genre of the clip gave manner to the wide entreaty to American life and the focal point of

freedom taking to original narratives and historical subjects ( Folsom 3: 953 ) . Of

class, the yesteryear would stay a changeless influence. Some common subjects were the

Civil War and the colony of western U.S. frontier life ( Magill 1: 174 ) .

Stephen Vincent Benet took all these factors into head during his life as a

20th century writer/poet. Keeping the times, the life, and the literature

of Stephen Vincent Benet a major portion of his influence and accomplishments, he

helped push America towards a united cultural triumph.

Stephen Vincent Benet was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to James

Walker Benet, a calling military officer, and Francis Neill Rose Benet on the

twenty-second of July 1898 ( Roache 102: 11, 13 ) . He described himself as a

positive-thinking and modest adult male, who is thin, attractive, vibrant, whereas

his married woman and his mother-in-law would see him a field, tall, big biter-of-

nails who carries a foolish look, but whose mind is excessively much for

words ( Parsekian 1 ) .

He couldn & # 8217 ; Ts have been excessively foolish of a individual due to his positive

upbringing. Benet & # 8217 ; s parents planned for him to be a success in whatever he chose

to make. Their open-mindedness encouraged him to research books and thoughts in a

professional state. , every bit good as to appreciate and take literature and history

really earnestly ( Roache 102: 13 ) . Because of this upbringing, all three Benet

kids became poets and writers. ( Stephen Vincent Benet was the youngest of

them. ) Much influence over the Stephen vincent benets came from love for the state because

James & # 8217 ; military work called for going between Georgia, California, Illinois,

New York, and Pennsylvania ( Griffith 11 ) .

Benet & # 8217 ; s instruction shows how successful he truly was. He entered Yale

University at 17 old ages old, when he published his first book. About that clip,

he became professional with New York authors ( Roache 102: 13 ) . Stephen Vincent

Benet earned his Bachelor of Humanistic disciplines grade in 1919 and his Maestro of Humanistic disciplines grade

in 1920 at Yale before accepting a family to Paris where he could populate

cheaply and compose his first novel and would subsequently happen his married woman. One effort to

enlist in the ground forces and follow in the footfalls of his male parent failed in 1918,

taking him to a occupation working for the State Department in Washington, DC before

re-entering Yale ( Magill 1: 171 ) . In 1929, Benet was entered into the National

Institute of Arts and Letters in 1938, which he stayed a member of until his

decease ( Folsom 3: 954 ) .

While in Yale, Benet held many other occupations such as editor, subscriber,

and president of the Yale Literary Magazine, so editor and subscriber of the

undergraduate wit magazine Yale Record. These occupations gave manner to him working on

S4N, a New Haven magazine of poesy. In 1919, Benet published the drama of

Christopher Marlowe & # 8217 ; s Tamburlains the Great ( 1590 ) with Monty Wooley by Yale

University Press. In 1920, he published Heavens and Earth as his thesis during

his alumnus survey in England by Holt ( Griffith 12 ) . Other column occupations

include reexamining for the New York Herald Tribune and the Saturday Review of

Literature, and the Yale Series of Younger Poets competition in 1933 ( Magill 1:

71 ) . In 1945, Benet published a aggregation of wireless books called We Stand

United, and Other Radio Scripts as a propagandistic war attempt that he felt was

his fate ( Magill 1: 170 ) .

Another fate was matrimony. He married Rosemary Carr on November 26,

1921 through the family to Paris in 1920. They started populating in Chicago,

so Paris, Hollywood, and New York ( Roache 102: 13 ) . She was an unpretentious

merely kid tungsten

Ho ne’er said average things to anyone ( Parsekian 1 ) . She gave him

three kids: Stephani Jane ( 1924 ) , Thomas Carr ( 1925 ) , and Rachel ( 1931 )

( Magill 1: 172 ) .

Benet has ever been a popular individual by big. He was more widely read

than Frost, Eliot, and many classical authors. Every talk hall and poesy

workshop wanted him as a invitee and his books sold 10s of 1000s ( Griffith

11 ) . In July 1929, John Brown & # 8217 ; s Body won the Pulitzer Prize and & # 8220 ; The Devil and

Daniel Webster & # 8221 ; won the O. Henry Memorial Award ( Roache 102: 14 ) . & # 8220 ; King David & # 8221 ;

got The Nation & # 8217 ; s poesy award in 1923 when he was merely 25 old ages old, the

Theodore Roosevelt Medal for literary achievement was given to him in 1933,

and he received the Gold Medal for Literature from the National Institute of

Humanistic disciplines and Letters with another Pulitzer Prize for Western Star before his decease.

Stephen Vincent Benet had a stoke of bad wellness between 1930 to 1943

with arthritis of the spinal column and other unwellnesss. Overwork caused hospitalization

in 1939 by a nervous dislocation. At 44 on March 13, 1943, he was announced dead

by a bosom onslaught ( Magill 1: 171-172 ) . He was buried ( later with his married woman and

older girl ) in Main Street graveyard in Stenington ( Parsekian 1 ) .

The literature of Stephen Vincent Benet has and ever will be seen as

some of the greatest literary and artistic plants of all time created. His short narratives

turned people on due to the straight-forward mode they were presented in and

the handiness for important relevancy to self-revelation. His Hagiographas

could enchant a reader like no other ( Folsom 3: 953 ) . His short narratives

recognized & # 8220 ; both acrimonious and the sweet & # 8221 ; such as in & # 8220 ; A Death In the County & # 8221 ; where

a adult male learns that his yesteryear can assist his present ( Roache 102: 17 ) . His verse forms are

popular because they portray traditions realistically and the nationalism of them

is outstanding. Charles A. Fenton said Benet & # 8220 ; wrote short narratives for money and

poesy for love & # 8221 ; as a informant to the disclosure his Hagiographas hold ( Roache 102:

13, 18 ) .

The manners of Benet & # 8217 ; s short narratives were demoing tonss of symbolism and

wit to intensify the narratives. He besides used a historical base to portray pragmatism

and hold a propagandistic overview. He individualizes the people through

talking without deflecting the reader. He besides paralleled bible narratives and

fables to typify slaves winning freedom in & # 8220 ; Freedom & # 8217 ; s a Hard-Bought Thing. & # 8221 ;

The content of his narratives are chiefly loyal every bit good as what the common adult male

of the present clip wants and went merely every bit far as his money demands went ( Folsom

3: 956-957 ) . In & # 8220 ; Johnnie Pye and the Fool-Killer, & # 8221 ; Benet begins in direct voice

as the storyteller, so runs into a mass of idiom ( 34 ) . The subject of that short

narrative is the everlasting being of young person and sodium? ve anticipations ( Benet 34 ) .

Benet & # 8217 ; s subjects ranged from ideological concerns in & # 8220 ; Fantasies and Prophesies & # 8221 ; to

human world in & # 8220 ; The Devil and Daniel Webster & # 8221 ; or tragicomic sarcasms in & # 8220 ; A

Narrative By Angela Poe & # 8221 ; ( Roache 102: 14 ) .

Poetry was a wholly other thing. Benet & # 8217 ; s manner consisted of local

wit and short phrases such as in & # 8220 ; The Mountain Whippoorwill & # 8221 ; ( Griffith 13 ) . In

John Brown & # 8217 ; s Body, the content of poesy remains the same as in short narratives.

He was a historically brought up individual who reflected his yesteryear in historical

composing and poesy. The subject of Benet & # 8217 ; s poesy ranged widely. The most

successful verse form is the novel-length John Brown & # 8217 ; s Body, whose subject is American

triumph. Being paid for at such a high degree, this verse form had been good worth it & # 8217 ; s

delay. He won a Pulitzer Prize for it and gave his personal version of history

centre phase ( Magill 1: 170,174 ) .

Stephen Vincent Benet wrote books every bit good as verse forms, wireless books, and

dramas. His redaction and parts to American literature and his household of

Americans may hold been a bigger gift than anyone could of all time have. Knowledge

is the power Benet used and it was the power that gave American literature the

triumph of accomplishing such high criterions. So, if the times, the life, and the

literature of Stephen Vincent Benet are as strong in leading and cognition as

an American force, so the state has won a triumph for it & # 8217 ; s poesy and prose.

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