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Stop Animal Abuse

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    Don’t you think that we have lost enough? We have lost rainforests, part of the ozone layer, most of our natural resources, and now we are going to lose animals! We will lose more animals than we have lost before if people continue to abuse animals in various ways.

    Firstly animals should be treated like humans. For example you should stop killing elephants for their ivory and alligators for their skin.

    Would you like it if that happend to you? With alligator skin they make umbrellas and other products if you stop buying them, they would go out of business. Additionally elephants are almost extinct so if you want to hunt for their ivory maybe just wait till they die naturally. Secondly animals have rights just like us. For example would you like it if you had no rights? It wouldn’t be a good life after all would it? In fact you could use animals for good things like firemen dogs and hospital dogs. The violent form of hunting leaves many animals suffering as an instant kill is very rare. We should stop war. War destroys jungles and terrain animals live in leaving them to die. We should spend more money in preserving the life on land then buying military stuff and buying coal for light.

    Another example is we should stop green house fires causing climate change killing many animals. Green house fires also cause droughts which lack water and food supply which is harmful for us and the animals. Saving animals is a bigger deal than you think we already extinct many species we should stop now before it gets out of control. Animals are very useful they give us food like meat chicken fish etc and bees give honey to us and pollinate our plants so we could have flowers, fruits and vegetables. Animals bring life to this world and if you want to kill them of then you are mentally insane but if you still hunt for animals like deer remember it will have sevir cousicouses not only to you but to all of us.

    Another reason we should save life on land is. For example we can help by recycle but if we don’t it will cause pollution killing animals. We should start using reusable water bottle because animals can swallow the plastic or it can get wrapped around its neck killing them. Did you ever wonder where the waste of factories and our households go well the answer to the question is seas, lakes and even oceans and some are dumped in landfills The consequences for doing this and not recycling is the waste sinks into the soil and reaching underground waterways contaminating our and the animals water making them very sick and some animals even dying.

    Finally we should stop cutting down trees. For example when we cut down trees animals lose their homes when this happens animals have nowhere and are left in harsh climates to die. Trees transmit solar rays to oxygen with less oxygen it harms us and the animals and with less oxygen it harms plant growth and that gives us food. Trees give us food for example apples, bananas and olives and I can go on and on so without trees we and the animals will lack on those resources. Animals are beautiful creatures that bring joy and happiness.I strongly believe the we should end animal abuse as a said before animals lives help our society they’re like the glue the holds us together I hope you enjoyed and decided to support this idea

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