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Structure of a Personal Narrative Essa Y

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You can follow these basic guidelines: who, what, where, when. 3. Point of View A narrative essay may be written in the first-person (l) or third-person (he, she, it) point of view; do not use second person (you). If you were part of the action, the first- person provides the best perspective. If you are relating an event based upon other sources, use the third-person point of view. In some circumstances, you may be forced to choose the point of view Of, for example, you were a witness, but not a participant).

Once you have decided upon a point of view, stay consistent with it. 4.

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Structure of a Personal Narrative Essa Y
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Details Include enough details for clarity; however, select only the facts that are relevant. 5. Organization A narrative usually follows a chronological time line; however, you may find flashbacks a creative option as long as the narrative can be clearly followed by the reader. Most narratives are told in the past tense. You should keep tenses consistent. E-3 Narration Essay Guidelines (July, 2011 ; Page 1 Narration Sample Title: Do not underline, Italicize, or boldface your own title.

Note how the title complements the topic. Introduction: First paragraph tells who, what, where, and when. Thesis states author’s purpose.

Uncle Loll’s Secret It was a cool, crisp, New England day in the autumn of 1965, and I was in the middle of a strenuous football practice. For a sophomore, I was hard-hitting and 180 pounds, so the coaches were watching me closely. After fighting off blocks and crunching our star running back, which forced him to fumble, I heard the head coach yell, “You’re starting at defensive end on Saturday! ” My spirit was “pumped,” and my ego was too. Both would be seriously deflated before the days end. Sometimes, life’s better lessons are learned the hard way. My friend Paul, a senior, called to me, “Hey, Dave, C’mon over to my souse after supper.

Five of us are going to box. ” “Okay,” I said, “I’ll be over there at 7:00. ” We boxed in Pall’s cellar a few times a week. And I prided myself on being able to trade punches with the “older guys. ” Importantly, nearly everyone on the team had heard the Invitation, which enhanced my reputation with the upperclassmen. By 8 defensive tackle, who had also won twice. At that time, two men in their fifties descended the stairs. They reeked of scotch and cigars. I recognized Pall’s dad, but I did not know his paunchy companion. Paul asked, “Who wants to fight my Uncle Lou? How about you, Dave? Why would I want to fight a fat, old man? ” was my nearly silent response. However, nearly silent was not silent enough; Uncle Lou had heard me, and he was putting on the gloves. Uncle Lou was three or four inches shorter than I but perhaps Just as heavy thanks to a beer gut. I was unimpressed as he took off his glasses and said, “C’mon punk; let’s see your stuff. ” I hated the word “punk,” and now, regardless of his age and condition, I wanted to fight him. Moving toward him, I cranked up a huge right hand. As I threw it, I felt a succession of Jabs funneling my forehead, nose, and chin.

Embarrassed and angry, I charged the “old man” and ran into a right hook that sent me reeling into the workbench. I was bordering on unconsciousness, but I remember saying, “Who the hell is that guy? ” “He’s my Uncle Lou,” replied Paul with a grin. “Here, look at this,” Paul ordered, and he handed me an almanac. A few moments passed before my eyes could focus, but there it was, clearly printed for anyone to read “Lou Broadly – 1931 Welterweight Champion of the World. ” I had learned Uncle Loll’s secret the hard way. – David Beardsley This narration is a foreperson point of view (l). Body paragraphs: Note specific details.

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