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During the Neolithic epoch, various civilizations created different but comparable structures for their cities. Stonehenge was built in England, pyramids were built in Egypt, and zikkurats were built in Mesopotamia by the Sumerians. These structures were used for religious purposes or to worship gods. Stonehenge was built with large rocks arranged in a circular pattern and aligned with astronomical positions. Sumerians built zikkurats, which were clay brick stepped pyramids, to worship gods and rise beyond the human realm. The Egyptians built pyramids to honor their pharaohs and believed in life after death. All of these civilizations had their unique religious beliefs, but they shared similar beliefs like the importance of constructing grand structures to appease the gods and the belief in an afterlife.

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Structures During the Neothlithic epoch. many different civilizations were get downing to make different yet similar constructions for their metropoliss. In England. worlds reinforced Stonehenge. in Egypt. worlds began to construct pyramids. and in Mesopotamia. Sumerians reinforced zikkurats. All of these constructions were used to either worship Gods. or had some kind of spiritual belief behind them.

In England. Stonehenge. the most celebrated megalithic construction. was built. It consisted of several big rocks. the largest weighing up to 50 dozenss. The round construction consists of a big outer ring in a series of post-and-lintel signifiers. which are aligned with astronomical places. It is believed that Stonehenge may hold served as an observatory every bit good as a centre of spiritual worship.

Like the people who built Stonehenge. the Sumerians besides built their ain spiritual construction called a zikkurat. These stepped pyramids were frequently made of clay brick. The theory behind it was that in mounting its stairss. worshippers rose beyond the ordinary human universe into a kingdom of the Gods. Some of the zikkurats were dedicated to Gods. The greatest one of all at Ur-Nammu was dedicated to the Moon God and was likely topped by a temple for forfeits.

The early Egyptians besides built their ain spiritual constructions. Egyptians believed that the life continues unchanged after decease ; therefore they built big pyramids in award of their Pharaoh. Pyramids were monumental graves that were built to incorporate the organic structures of the Pharaoh. The great pyramids at Giza were made of limestone blocks. the largest covering 13 estates at the base. and were built with more than two million rock blocks. They would frequently set the pharaoh’s properties in with him so he could be happy after decease.

Many different civilizations revolved around their ain single spiritual beliefs. yet many of their beliefs were similar to one another. Each of the three civilizations mentioned all felt that they had to build big constructions in order to maintain the Gods happy. and all believed in an hereafter.

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