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Supervised study

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Literally supervised study means the study under the supervision. When the students engaged themselves In some or the other learning castles under the properly organized supervision of the teachers, the phenomenon is called supervised study. It is teacher directed study. The teacher directs and stimulates pupil’s efforts towards the right direction. It may either of the forms-individual or collective. This means self-study or group study is made under the supervision of a teacher.

It may be conducted in the regular period or in the reading room of the library where the cheer may be on duty.

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Supervised study
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It Is a well-known practice of public schools where the resident students assemble at one place sat night to study under the supervision of a teacher. The teacher’s presence make the atmosphere more disciplined and congenial for hard work. The students study in the company of their classmates which makes mutual collaboration possible. Every student has to devote the prescribed time compulsorily for home work or self-study.

This Is especially a good device for the lazy and shirkers. Here the students are free to go ahead In their learning of mathematical facts and kills as an Independent learner or as the members of a group. But In doing they have to plan and perform their learning activities in consultation with their teacher. The teacher who acts as a guide also shares the responsibility of supervising the learning activities of the individual student or the groups. The students’ do not waste their time in irrelevant task and also feel discouraged for the failures of their attempts.

But in any case he should not make the students dependent on him, rather he should build their self-confidence by encouraging their self-learning and independent efforts. Supervised study in Mathematics may be conducted in the following forms 1 . The students may be asked to study general literature concerning mathematics. This study may be undertaken in the form of individual or group assignments. 2. While teaching mathematics through laboratory or heurist method, students may be asked to discover the facts or principles through their own independent efforts. 3.

Drill work and practice work In mathematics may be conducted through supervised study. The study may be asked to apply the learning acts or principles in solving various problems. The practical application of the mathematics knowledge skill may be made a subject for the supervised study. Students take so many individual or group projects for this purpose. Merits of supervised study 1 . Supervised study provides a well-organized supervision of the work of the students. 2. In supervised study, students are able to get appropriate guidance at the proper time. 3.

Supervised study needs a living contact between the teacher and the taught and thus helps in developing cordial and intimate relation. . A close supervision helps the teacher to have a continuous appraisal of the progress of his students. 5. Supervised study encourages students for self-learning. It helps in building the self-confidence of the students for the solution of the problem independently. 6. Supervised study helps In controlling the problem of indiscipline. Behavioral habits. 7. It also helps in exercising proper control over the shirkers and responsible students. . It also helps in the inculcation of the habit of regularity, punctuality and systematic work. Supervised study reduces the chances of wastage and stagnation. Students do a lot of work without wasting their time under such study. Demerits and limitations 1 . Supervised study in Mathematics demands too much work from the teacher. He has to plan, supervise, guide and evaluate the work of all students. The regular heavy schedule of the present day mathematics teacher hardly allows him to devote so much time and energy for such supervision work. 2.

The success of supervised study in mathematics lies in paying individual attention to every student of the class. It may e only possible with a limited number of students. In this way the present day crowded classes hardly leave any scope for such study. 3. Supervised study needs a lot of supervision. It is practically impossible to supervise the individual or group work of the students from the beginning till the end. Therefore, in supervised study the possibility of wasting time and energy by the students can never be ruled out. 4. In supervised study guidance is to be rendered in the proper amount at the proper time.

Too much guidance spoils the habit of students by making them dependent on he teacher. On the other hand non availability of the guidance at the proper time may discourage the student to the extent that he may develop distaste and apathy towards the subject. 5. In supervised study the teacher should know the exact purpose and the significance of his supervision. The supervision done merely for the sake of fault finding, accusing, alarming and penalizing the students does not bring any fruitful result, rather it destroys the very purpose and foundations of the supervised study.

In this way it may be seen that supervised study along with its plus mints does also suffer from some limitations and defects. On close examination, it may be revealed that these negative points are not so much alarming much depends upon the devotion and will power of the teacher. A well-organized supervised study in the mathematics has no match. With a little care and experience the teacher may learn the art of good supervision. He may derive his students towards self-learning, self-discipline and self-supervision requiring minimum help and guidance from the teacher for their independent self or group study.

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