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Surviving the Games

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  • Pages 6
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    Would you kill if it means a way of surviving? In the book The Hunger Games it tells us a story about a nation in North America called Panem, which is surrounded by twelve districts. There is a class inequality between districts. The higher the district, the lower the poverty. Every year the Capitol forces two teens from each district to take part in a televised death match for survival. This year Katniss Everdeen from District 12 selflessly volunteered herself to take her sisters place in the game. With being from District 12 and not having anything financially to lose she knew she must fight to survive. Fighting was nothing new to Katniss. Being from her district and living in poverty gave her a natural sense of survival. What may be viewed as a struggle to other districts will eventually work in her favor. Destitution will become of great strength for example when the knowledge of knowing the meaning behind her name as well as the skill of hunting. They will both become a better chance of survival for her in the Hunger Games.

    With Katniss living in such poverty it reaped some benefits; for example, she began hunting with her father at a young age. While others were training for the Hunger games Katniss was in the forest trying to fight starvation. It was a daily battle she faced. While spending time with her father in the forest and listening to stories and gaining important knowledge of how and what to do to help her survive he gave her one piece of information that she remembers in the story. It was about how and what she was named after which is Katniss. She recalls him saying “as long as you can find yourself, you’ll never starve”.

    With knowing information like that it will eventually and possibly help Katniss be able to stay alive and fight hunger when needed during the games. If being able to survive off just a plant alone will eventually be in Katniss favor in case of any struggle of not being able to find any animals to hunt. Another example of her using these helpful pieces of information is when she discovered pond lilys. She describes “My fingertips make small swirling patterns in the cool, slippery earth. I love mud, I think… Mud. Mud. Mud! My eyes fly open and I dig my fingers into the earth. It is mud! …and those are lilies! Pond lilies!”. With her always being in the forest and knowing what certain plants are she was able to find water. Water was the one thing Haymitch wanted her to find. Water will keep her hydrated and keep her pushing in the games.

    Not only did Katniss gain such knowledge of certain things to help her later in life but she also learned the skill of hunting and became good at it. Even though Katniss only reason to learn to hunt was to be able to survive and be able to feed her family, these tactics eventually became of use to her when she was chosen for the games. Before the games start each contestant must practice different skills that will eventually help them in the games. Katniss of course went straight for the bow and arrow. This was the time for everyone to make an impression on the game makers. Once realizing they weren’t acknowledging her, she states, “ suddenly I am furious that with my life on the line they don’t have decency to pay attention…without thinking I pull an arrow and send it straight to the table” (101). With such an extreme and bold move this left everyone in shock.

    This bold move worked in her favor and led up to her receiving the highest score out of all the contestants with a score of 11. With the games being such an interest in the capitol and having such wealthy people sponsor contestants this can possibly want people to sponsor her. With having sponsors she will eventually be able to receive gifts from the sponsors for if and when something is needed. An example of that is when she received her first gift. She says “My first gift from a sponsor…What can it be? Not food surely. I unscrew the lid and I know by the scent its medicine”. Without having some type of effect on the viewers she would not receive such gifts that will help her when she is in need.

    Lastly, with Katniss’ difficult upbringing it was also used as an incentive in the games. Hunting has been and will continue to be her biggest strength. An example of that is when she finally formed an alliance and planned a way to take out the careers. She finally figured out a way to hit them where she knows would be of most harm, their supplies. Katniss and Rue are questioning how they will do such a thing and she questions Rue “…say the supplies were gone. How long would they last?…I mean it’s the Hunger Games right?” Rue responds “but Katniss they’re not hungry”. Katniss then responds “No, they’re not. That’s the problem”. Without Katniss being able to shoot a bow and arrow there was no way of being able to take or even ruin their supplies. The supplies were protected by mines and she was able to shoot an arrow from afar and set off the mine without being seen. This led Cato to believe and take out the boy from district 3. If it wasn’t for her father she would not possess these hunting skills. She describes “my bow is rarity, crafted by my father”. Little did he know that the gift he provided her with of hunting will eventually be used to her keep alive. When living in such districts as 1,2, and 4 they have no idea of what it means to struggle. They didn’t know what it was like to be hungry, Katniss did. She was accustomed to having to try and survive on very little resources.

    When being brought up in such a low poverty District it led the residents of those districts gain knowledge and learn certain skills that would help them in life. Even though the Hunger Games is a possibility for anyone, these people don’t have time to set aside and practice unlike the higher Districts. The only thought on their mind is being able to survive until the next day. Now even though the lower districts are looked down upon their struggles are possibly will be more of use to them then led to believe. Katniss used one of her skills in the games. Throughout the book she would talk down on her expertise on using a bow and arrow. She did not look at it as being something that would help her. Little did she know the skills due to living in poverty would be something that would be of great use to her. It will be her way of fighting to live.

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    Reflecting on this assignment I realized it was about an issue of classism. It was personally something I never talked about. The level of someone’s class is not a concern of mine. I wasn’t brought up to treat anyone different due to where they are from or what they have. Now one thing I do take away from this assignment is don’t doubt yourself. What people may possibly view as weaknesses can possibly be your strengths and someone else’s weakness. The way Katniss talked about herself using a bow and arrow is the way I am towards this paper. It was as if she didn’t have much faith in herself.

    Of course, I am going to say I deserve an A due to wanting an amazing grade. However, I am aware that I struggled with some parts of the paper. I knew certain passages I wanted to use but wasn’t too sure on how I would analyze them. Fortunately, I am proud of being one of the few on using a different perspective on this paper. I was able to focus and think outside of the box and I am truly proud of that. Hopefully this paper receives at least a B, but I can only accept whatever I deserve and use that as motivation towards my next paper. As well as continuing to get the help I need. To think I was always so embarrassed to ask for help and I am glad it no longer bothers because I was able to use every piece of advice to make this paper better than it was in the beginning.

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