Teenager Topics

How to cope with teenagers Essay

Whoever told you that the infancy stage was the hardest part to get through with your child, obviously didn't like you very much because what they told you are complete lies. Once you encounter the nightmare that is teenagers, you'll wish you can go back to the sweet old days. Sure, there were numerous...

Creative writing – Confused Teenager Essay

"Ohmygod, oh my God! What am I going to do now? Everything is falling apart, I either lose my best friend Beth or my boyfriend Tom. Its one of those awkward, embarrassing, horrible situations that makes you sick in the pit of your stomach just thinking about it.

It all started two weeks ago. Tom was going...

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A right to reply – teenagers in the media letter Essay

Dear Mr Dacre.

I’m writing in response to the criticizing nature in which teenagers are adversely represented by your paper, and employees. The article is broadly negative about the whole programme, education, teachers and pupils in general. Levy & Davidson repeatedly and purposely highlight every bad...

Should teenagers get part time jobs? Essay

Every teen must go through the transition to become a responsible adult, a mature person and a community servant. It has always been believed that in order to transform into the latter, a teen must learn self reliant and independency which can be obtained by applying for a part time job. However, it was...

Wicked Youth: Thinking of the Moral Absence of Teenagers Essay

Morality is vital for every individual. It is the foundation of one's personality and personal decisions in life. Adolescence is the stage of life where most issues of morality arise. The basis of morality among teenagers springs from their beliefs, culture, religion, and social influences. There are many...

Teenagers and Alcohol Essay

Teenagers and Alcohol
            Adolescent stage is one of the most crucial phases in an individual’s life. It is a period where people get curious with a lot of things and experiment on different things that catch their interests. One of the things that teenagers love to experiment with is alcohol....

The Damaging Psycho-social Effects of Teenage Pregnancies Essay

The Damaging Psycho-social Effects of Teenage Pregnancies

            A matter of concern for most parents nowadays is the early age at which female children get pregnant.  Such a phenomenon is due largely to the early sexual awakening of teenagers.  This awakening is the result of many factors, one of...

Teenage Pregnancy on the Loose Essay

Teenage Pregnancy on the Loose
            Considering the increasing number of pregnant teenager, it is really alarming to find out that there had been no changes in number for the past few years and in the case of United Kingdom, the number of teenagers getting pregnant was so high and it...

Teen Suicide Essay

Abstract page
According to the Bertera (2007) suicide is the suicide a major cause of adolescents’ death in the United States and is a global problem. It is “rare in childhood and early adolescence, and becomes more frequent with increasing age “because teenagers are the most emotionally and psychologically...

The Relationship between Teenage Marriage and Divorce Rates Essay

The Relationship between Teenage Marriage and Divorce Rates
            The United States has been considered as having the highest divorce rates among the industrialized countries today that many have begun to view divorce as a social disease.  Divorce has been defined as the dissolution of marriage...

Teen Cigarette and Food Addiction Essay

Food and cigarette addiction are becoming more prevalent in the U.S. Some say it is because of the growing wealth and boredom among the youth. However, the addiction problem is becoming too serious and deadly to be ignored. Food and cigarette addictions claim millions of lives each year, lives...

Teenager’s Choices Essay

Teenager’s Choices
            With the increasing diversity happening in the workplace and society, individuals now have wider choices in the decisions that they make. They are given the liberty to express what they want and desire what they dream. Though this may be the case, there is a corresponding...

Teenage Identity Essay

            Ask an average teenager what his or her activities for the weekend are and more or less you’ll get the same, a little bit varied though, answers. The unusually animated teen wakes up at around an hour or less before noon because apparently they are not morning people, and they will drag...

Teenagers and Their Problems Essay

Teens and their problems Do you remember your teen years? You might remember it as an era of fewer problems, less responsibility, more fun and frolic and most importantly having ample time to attend to activities of your preference. Who wouldn't want to go back to those days right? It is a fact that almost...

Articles on Emotion & Personality Essay

Articles on Emotion & Personality: Emotion
            Teenagers are often misunderstood for the kind of attitude they exemplify to others. Sometimes,these attitudes contribute to the misunderstandings caused among peers and their parents or guardians. The forming relationship between the two are now...

Teenage Violence Essay

Teenage Violence
Let’s take a look at the definition of a teenager first. A teenager is a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity. It is the most crucial stage in a life of a human being where most of our values, manners and beliefs are formed. It means he is still a young person which is not yet...

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy
            In the article entitled “Teenage Pregnancy, The Case for Prevention: An Updated Analysis of Recent Trends & Federal Expenditures Associated with Teenage Pregnancy,” the author cites the effects of teenage pregnancy.  Among which is failing to complete high school...

Being a teenager Essay

As a teenager, this is the beginning of your life. What you do today determines your whole future. There is no mom or dad to decide on your choices anymore. You have to make up your own mind on which school to go to and what kind of future you choose. You are literally on your own when it comes to making...

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