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Teenagers and a Problem of Choice

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Many young teenager wonder if the resolve of their life around making choice .At the beginning, the author talk about his parent leaves him at a new home. This moment remind me, the time when I first start to go free school. I was cry when my parent leaves me at the school. As a college student, I could understand about to be far away from home. The author’s ideas are very clear. He is using the vain to talk about the relationship between a person with family .

I think that it is what are you choosing but what do you like. This makes me thinking about Mark Zuckerberg .He is the owner of Facebook. He is so into programming that he decides to drop out of Harvard.

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Teenagers and a Problem of Choice
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Now, he is the youngest billionaire in the world. Sometimes we take a wrong turn in our life but as soon as we take a turn back. You will be happy and proud of yourself.

The author says about the worry of teenager in college and after graduate. They don’t know where they going to do after four years of stress and hardcode of work. After reading this article. It makes me remember how my father told me that it doesn’t meant if you made a wrong choice made a bad person. It means that if you make a wrong choice, you could learn from your own mistakes. There is nobody perfect. As long as you can think ahead and make something good out of it. From the greatest leader to a person of a company, they still make a wrong choice. They know how to handle it and turn it around. The future is still a head of you, change the choice and fixes it. Choose what you like and enjoy doing it. That is why I agree with the author.

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Teenagers and a Problem of Choice. (2018, Aug 03). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/teenagers-and-a-problem-of-choice/

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