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Taking Care Of Mangroves

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  • Pages 2
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    Mangroves are trees that grow in tropical and subtropical intertidal zones. These areas are tough places for plants to grow. During low tides intertidal zones are exposed to air. During high tides they’re covered by salt water. They flood frequently. The soil is poor. But mangrove trees survive and even thrive in these harsh conditions. Big groups of mangroves and other plants that live here are called mangrove swamps, mangrove forests, and sometimes simply mangal.

    Mangroves in UAE are of great importance.Infact mangroves are helpful throughout the world. As UAE is a developing country it rely on the mangroves for a huge portion of their daily needs. They use mangrove wood for fuel and to build boats and furniture. They use the bark for dye and medicine. They use leaves for tea and animal feed and the fruit for food. These coastal swamps protect property and lives during storms and hurricanes by acting as a buffer against the winds and waves. Mangroves trees survive harsh natural conditions, as we know that the climate in UAE is not bearable by them, but threats from pollution and industry are an even bigger problem which is caused by us. The land where mangroves live has often been sold cheaply to businesses, which cut down many of the trees. Sewage, weed-killers, and spilled oil are extremely unhealthy for the mangroves.Obviously,as we will increase our activities around them, more and more mangrove forestland is lost.

    Knowing that the mangroves are of great importance to us, don’t you think that we must do our part of help. There are many ways through which we can save the mangroves. We must encourage the people of UAE,especially the locals to come in front and do as much as it is required. We can give articles in the newspapers, magazines and on the internet. People must get interested in mangroves. We can donate money to the mangrove action project. We can get.

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