Tanglewood Case 3 – Recruiting Mehtods

Recruiting Like many retailers, Tanglewood experiences a stable rate of turnover, and thus recruiting efforts remain high. The methods used by Tanglewood vary from many regions in which they serve, and by gauging these methods we are able to optimize and perhaps unify company operations. By reviewing the recruiting methods used by Tanglewood, we will be able to devise a guide that can be functional along with Tanglewood developing recruiting services which reflect Tanglewood’s unique personality. Please see the recruitment guide below. Recruitment Guide for Store Associates Position: Store Associates

Reports to: Department Managers and/or Shift Leaders Qualifications: All considered. Relevant labor market: Pacific Northwest Timeline: Continuous recruiting Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates Local and regional newspapers Company website Employee referrals Employ a staffing/recruiting agency Job Fairs Staff members involved: V. P. Human Resources, HR Managers, Department Managers, and Shift Leaders Budget: $2,500 to 6,500 When discussing the best targets for recruitment, Tanglewood’s “best fit” are those who have significant KSAOs, applicants who strive on rewards or bonuses and applicants who may seem indisposed.

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Those applicants possessing significant KSAOs will be productive and they carry the possibility of promotions. Reward driven individuals will admire the packages offered by Tanglewood and they will be able to contribute their ideas which will promote a rewarding workplace. Those applicants who may be or seem indisposed will benefit from the task assignments while helping other members of the team; this will allow them to see that they are a key factor to a team environment. By using the recruiting methods above Tanglewood should have no problem filling store associate positions.

Tanglewood can also use an open recruitment method where they can target other areas within the Pacific Northwest by using selected media forms. If Tanglewood selects the target groups listed and can market to specific audiences within specific demographics, this can broaden the selection pool. By using employee referrals, Tanglewood is offering a bonus of $100 to store employees when one of their referrals is hired. Staffing/Recruiting agencies can be an effective way to target recruitment, since the process of background checks, abilities and skills have already been established.

If the applicant needs to be trained in specific skills, the agency can accommodate this which can lessen the training time once the applicant becomes employed. The only downside to using agencies for many is the associated cost. Job fairs can bring many applicants into the selection pool, and since Tanglewood is a retail chain, they will have a larger number of applicants with whom they may feel will be suitable for the open positions. If Tanglewood would post openings on their company website, they will attract a diverse pool of applicants.

Many people today use the internet as a tool for job searches, it is convenient for many and it gives the possible applicant a chance to view what the store is about, including a brief history. Recruiting Yield Data: Western Washington (Region 1) Media Referrals Kiosks Job Services Applicants 1430336231144236 Hired 2041048652378 Total Cost in dollars 719,2802,606,2402,413,575712,720 Cost per hire in dollars 3,525. 882,486. 873,701. 801885. 50 Eastern Washington (Region 2) MediaReferralsKiosks Applicants 459240462776 Hired 6761016444 Total Cost in dollars 1,799,2002,525,7604,466. 7 Cost per hire in dollars 2,809. 673,228. 012,962. 04 Northern Oregon (Region 3) Media KiosksAgency Applicants 268638961290 Hired 364696490 Total Cost in dollars 1,022,7202,246,6961,451,400 Cost per hire in dollars 2,809. 673. 228. 012,962. 04 Southern Oregon (Region 4) ReferralsKiosksAgency Applicants 138422801143 Hired 396346392 Total Cost in dollars 1,054,8801,409,6001,245,120 Cost per hire in dollars 2,663. 844,073. 993,176. 33 Each territory uses distinct forms of recruiting methods which yield various statistics as well as various total costs and costs per hire.

When monitoring the number of applicants, total costs and costs per region, it is clear to see which areas receive the most and least numbers in applications and hires and which region spends the most or least on total costs and costs per hire. Region 1 receives the largest number of applicants and hires while spending the most in total costs and costs per hires. Region 4 has the lowest number of applicants and spends less than the other three regions. Regions 2 and 3 are in the middle with Eastern Washington (region 2) maintaining close proximity to Western Washington (region 1).

Northern Oregon (region 3) has less hires than Eastern Washington (region 2). Northern Oregon would like to deflate the referral policy which could have a negative impact on Tanglewood’s new hires, which is something Tanglewood can not afford. By omitting the referral program, Tanglewood is looking at spending more money on total costs and costs per hire. By these costs increasing, Tanglewood may not be able to maintain its high standard of recruitment. Before making any decisions on whether or not to omit the referral program, Tanglewood needs to assess the situation and look at the cost of using kiosks.

Also, other regions would be impacted by this decision by having major dilemmas when it comes to the hiring process. Other measures for employee performance would be to recruit based on more aptitude within the KSAOs. By improving the organizations KSAOs, all employees will benefit. Other measures that could be beneficial for Tanglewood would be to evaluate employee’s job experience. By using this type of metric, it can be beneficial to managers and shift leaders who may be concerned with employee performance in a customer service environment.

Tanglewood is going to use a recruiting method that will define what they are looking for and will be as follows: Realistic Recruiting Message: We at Tanglewood are looking to fill store associate positions and would like to point out the constructive and unconstructive areas. First, you are applying for a lower-level position, with the possibility of advancement based on performance. Advancement takes time, so please keep this in mind when applying. You report daily to your shift leader and he/she will assist you with questions or concerns you may have.

We offer competitive pay based on experience. In this position, keep in mind it can be high stress and the turnover rate can be as high as 50% a year. We make every attempt to maintain employee retention and reward accordingly. Targeted Recruiting Message: College graduate looking for a new and exciting career? We at Tanglewood are looking for you. We are hiring for store associates with many opportunities for advancement. All employees will receive competitive pay, bonuses and can even elect to be involved in profit sharing and benefits.

This may be just the opportunity that you are looking for, as you will be able to use all of your skills necessary to complete the job. By focusing high on your standards, you have the best opportunity for fast-tracking up the chain of command. If this sounds like you, we want you! In today’s society, some organizations are reasonably concerned when it comes to the effectiveness of using realistic recruitment methods (Charnov, 2003). Many organizations are not sure of how the information will be processed by the possible job applicants.

Organizations that are against realistic recruitment often are apprehensive about alarming potential candidates. By alarming potential candidates, the less likely they will be to apply which in turns creates less hires. When posting a realistic recruitment message keep in mind the message delivery can vary by the nature of the message, nature of the messenger and timing of its use (Charnov, 2003). Tanglewood is a realistic organization and prides itself as such. Although in the different regions, each has its positives and negatives when it comes to the recruitment process.

In each region managers voice their concerns when it comes to recruitment messages that are used, and a realistic recruitment method is better suited for Tanglewood as a whole. Tanglewood utilizes multiple recruitment styles, and each works well as it possess a strong number of applicants and highlights the key factors of what Tanglewood represents. After completion of this case study, Tanglewood has a well-designed recruitment structure. References Charnov, B. (22). Message processing in realistic recruitment practices. Retrieved February 22, 2010, from http://www. allbusiness. com/human-resources/workforce-management-hiring/682299-1. html

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