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Recruiting sales personnel

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Recruiting sales personnel.

The report reviews two parts:

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Recruiting sales personnel
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1.      The criteria used in selection of the candidates

2.      How recommended candidates meet the selection criteria.

The criteria used in selection of the candidates

Under the criteria for the selection the considered areas were; presentation, education, works experience and personal skills.

In presentation, one factor to consider is whether the candidate arrived earlier, on time or late for the interview.  Another factor to consider is neatness; that is whether the candidate wore the presentable attire and was well groomed for the first interview.

Apart from the mentioned factors, another important aspect is the candidate’s attitude and confidence. For example if he or she was nervous, anxious, composed, well-informed and answered the questions asked confidently.

In education, the candidates career of study, level of education and any other relevant programs studied that may be specific to the job are important. What the candidates got in their courses is another thing that is also reviewed.

Under work experience, what are considered are the past and the present job positions held by the candidate which are relevant to the position of sales personnel.  The candidate’s performance at these previous jobs is also another important factor taken into account.

The personal skills looked for are the concentration and attentiveness of the candidate, accomplishments, unique qualities, reliability, work and general attitude, competitiveness and confidence in his abilities.

Using the above mentioned criteria the three most eye catching candidates are Ernest Swift, Rochelle Biden and Jack Bernard.

How recommended candidates meet the selection criteria.

Rochelle Biden was prompt and professionally dressed during the first interview. She was courteous, polite, and confident and responded directly to the questions that were asked with ease and composure. She majored in marketing and her concentration was sales and sales management. She has experience in relating with customers and handle accurate records. She is also creative and innovative as she introduced her own food line in her job as a waiter.

Jack Bernard was also prompt and well dressed for the interview. Although he showed some sign of nervousness, he showed enthusiasm and was polite. He was also well informed about the current news as seen from the way he introduced a new topic and showed leadership by taking control of the discussion. He majored in marketing and his concentration was professional sales and sales management. He can control other people as shown by the fact that his current position. He also has many accomplishments.

Ernest Swift was the most confident of all the candidates. He was prompt and professionally dressed. He related most questions to his experience. Although he was a bit overconfident, he had the most impressive work experience that has seen him earn awards and acknowledgements. He has a very impressive educational background having majored in banking, finance and marketing. He has accomplished so many things.


Brad Short, 2010, 40 Qualities of Successful Sales People, retrieved on Saturday, May 22, 2010 from http://www.wordsellinc.com/blog/sales/selling-skills/40-qualities-of-successful-sales-people/


Cite this Recruiting sales personnel

Recruiting sales personnel. (2016, Nov 16). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/recruiting-sales-personnel/

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