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Tanglewood Case 4

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    2. Which predictors are most strongly related to each of the outcome measures? Table 3.1
    Interview Score and Promotion Potential:
    Higher interviews scores are associated with greater promotion potential for the applicant. Lower interviews scores are associated with lower promotion potential for the applicant. Table 3.2
    Between Retail Knowledge and Promotion Potential:
    More retail knowledge is associated with higher promotion potential. Less retail knowledge is associated with lower promotion potential.

    Biodata and Promotion Potential:
    Higher biodata scores are associated with higher promotion potential for the applicant. Lower biodata scores are associated with lower promotion potential for the applicant. Applicant Exam and Promotion Potential:

    Higher applicant exam scores are associated with higher promotion potential Lower applicant exam scores are associated with lower promotion potential

    Conscientiousness and Absence:
    More conscientious is associated with less employee absence. Less conscientious is associated with more employee absence. 3. which three predictors would you suggest Tanglewood use in selecting Store Associates? Conscientiousness:

    This predictor is important for Tanglewood to base their applicant selection on because of what it represents. According to the data presented in the case, more conscientiousness is associated with less absent days by employees. In a sense, more conscientiousness can be interpreted as more commitment to the corporation which is a value that Tanglewood can really benefit from. For a retailer, it is important to have employees show up to work every day, especially during peak seasons thus making this predictor an important one for Tanglewood to consider when picking applicants for hire. Retail Market Knowledge Exam:

    I would suggest Tanglewood to use this predictor because it is one of the
    most important for the company to consider being that it is so specific to the industry and to Tanglewood in particular. This exam tests applicants on general knowledge needed for the industry as well as Tanglewood specific skills and knowledge that is preferred by the company for its employees. Because the exam was made in house it is likely guaranteed to ask questions to assess the knowledge necessary for a Tanglewood employee to posses, therefore making this exam one important predictor to choose applicants during selection for store associates.

    Marshfield Applicant Exam:
    The importance of this predictor is based on the fact that it tests applicants on different decisions that they may have to make while working in this industry. The benefits of this test are that it assesses applicants on important decisions that they are likely to be presented with as associates or managers of a retailer such as Tanglewood. One such example of the context of this exam is that it presents applicants with situations such as staffing for clerks and managerial selection. Even though this test isn’t administered by Tangelwood and doesn’t asks questions specific to Tanglewood , the general ideas are presented and from there Tanglewood can make better decisions on which applicants are prepared to work in their stores.

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