Recruiting at Bowles Hollowell Conner & Co

Case Report: Recruiting at Bowles Hollowell Conner &  Co.


Table of Contentss

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Overview
  3. Discussion
  4. Relevant KSAO’s
  5. Importance and Ranks of KSAO’s
  6. Recommendations
  7. Decision

Executive Summary

Bowles Hollowell Conner & A ; Co. is one of the largest finance groups working since 1979.

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This company has come a long manner in covering, managing, and advancing large concerns all over United States. This paper is a instance study in which will analyse and help the enlisting section of the company to engage the best associates from the given campaigners list.There are figure of demands and necessities for measure uping as an associate for the company. The campaigners should hold the enthusiasm to turn, show the ability to take on duties and take enterprises to accomplish the ends of the company.

The company values both teamwork and diverseness among employees. Hence, it is important that possible employees should be comfy in working in a squad scene, moving as leader, pull offing people and taking enterprises. Furthermore, holding first-class authorship and research accomplishments will cut down the opportunities of mistakes and allow clients to understand the provided information. Overall, these KSAO’s are possible demands for the occupation of associates.

These accomplishments and abilities will non merely assist in accomplishing the ends at BHC, it will besides supply an chance to turn in the corporate ladder and go a pull offing manager. In add-on, these accomplishments will be rather ready to hand as it will let the associates to form their statements into a program, communicate with managers, manage, and actuate squad members, negotiate with purchasers, and develop client relationships.The recommendations made in this paper are harmonizing to the standards of KSAO’s. In add-on, this study identifies, justifies and ranks the importance of each KSAO.

Furthermore, the standards chosen will move as a recruitment criterion for campaigners. Finally, harmonizing to those candidates’ instruction background and working experience, this study identifies and selects the top five campaigners, who have the possible and will competent at this occupation.Enrolling at Bowles Hollowell Conner & A ; Co.


Bowles Hollowell Conner & A ; Co.

( BHC ) is one of the largest corporate finance groups in the United States. It was established in 1975 and rapidly turned into one of the taking fiscal companies to provide to the banking demands of middle-market companies. BHC’s nucleus competences included amalgamations and acquisition, private finance and valuations/advisory assignments. As a portion of it, scheme BHC’s end was to go one of the top investing Bankss in the in-between market.

This end was supported by its employees and direction. Furthermore, the growing of BHC was supplemented by its acute focal point on the in-between market. It focused on supplying extremely customized service to its clients.Another cardinal component in BHC scheme was unquestionable committedness to its four initiation rules that included:1.

Delivering quality services2.Conducting extended research3.Not giving false hopes4.Recruiting the best peopleThese four initiation rules were the cardinal edifice blocks of the company.

Furthermore, the corporate civilization at BHC was rather collegial and team-oriented. This was marked by common regard for each other at the company. In add-on, BHC looked frontward to prolonging their growing by bettering on their selling and countries functional expertness.


With the growing of company, BHC required employees that could go its future inspiration and construct the company to accomplish its ends.

It needed employees who wanted to fall in the company for the long-run footing and finally go an equity spouse. Bing an associate was a ambitious occupation at BHC. However, it was the stepping-stone towards the corporate ladder. As a consequence, Kelly Katterhagen, the Vice president at Bowles Hollowell Corner & amp ; Co.

is contemplating to place outstanding campaigners whom she can urge to the Harvard Business School recruiting squad. Ultimately, so the squad could choose the best-qualified campaigners for interviews for the place of associates at BHC.In order to hold the best campaigners, Katterhagen realized it is of import to engage people who align with organisational civilization, concern schemes, and the occupation description. To accomplish success in the enlisting procedure, the campaigners should be equipped with the necessary Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities ( KSAO’s ) that fit the occupation demand accurately ( Heneman, Judge, Smith & A ; Summers, 2010 ) .

As a portion of the occupation demand for associates, there are specific KSAO’s that are highly of import for the company and they should be kept in head when choosing campaigners for interviews.

Relevant KSAO’s

To get down with, possible campaigners should possess functional cognition about the finance watercourse, as it is an of import demand to execute the occupation. Another ground is that it is an investing house. Hence, it makes sense to engage persons who belong to finance watercourse, as they would suit in the organisational design and construction.

As the company is be aftering to increase its market portion, it is of import to hold good selling accomplishments as good. This will assist the company in the hereafter for publicity in an effectual manner. It will besides cut down its trust on word of oral cavity.In add-on, possible campaigner should possess first-class analytical and numerical accomplishments.

This is because, associates are required to execute extended analysis of the company and interpret fiscal information. This extended analysis can merely be performed by a individual who has the ability to construe and plan fiscal theoretical accounts. Furthermore, campaigners should possess first-class communicating and interpersonal accomplishments ; because as a portion of the occupation, associates are required to prosecute prospective clients by making a selling pitch ; hence holding interpersonal accomplishments will be good. Furthermore, it will let the associates to form their statements into a program, communicate with managers, manage and motivate squad members, negotiate with purchasers, and develop client relationships.

Apart from that, being a squad participant is besides a cardinal standard in the occupation. Since, BHC has a strong team-centered civilization, it is imperative that the possible campaigners possess this accomplishment. This will let the campaigners to comfortably suit in the organisation, surrogate squad coherence, and regard among employee. Furthermore, holding a anterior squad experience will let the associates to pull off employees, actuate them, and supply them with an chance to cover with strategical and direction issues.

Another key accomplishment that campaigners should hold is good research and composing accomplishments. This accomplishment is besides necessary, as the occupation requires outlining memorandas and other analytical studies hence holding first-class authorship and research accomplishments will diminish the opportunities of mistake.Some of the other abilities that are necessary as a portion of the occupation demands includes, developing and pull offing client relationships and new concern thoughts. These accomplishments are of extreme of import because as BHC is an investing house, a big portion of gross is generated through pull offing clients.

Hence, it is important that possible associates possess these accomplishments. In fixing those comprehensive paperss and presentations, associates must hold a clear focal point and attending to detail. Furthermore, as associates they have to larn the multitasking abilities in every facet, such as preparation, enlisting and direction. Therefore, they must hold a good clip direction accomplishments and flexibleness in covering with the altering occupation demands.

Importance and Ranks of KSAO’s

With the above-named KSAOs listed and explained, it is besides necessary to rank the importance of KSAOs so that Katterhagen can place and urge campaigners to Harvard Business School recruiting squad. The most of import KSAO’s include functional cognition about finance watercourse. This is paramount to going an associate and any campaigner that does non possess functional expertness should be non selected for farther showing. Furthermore, harmonizing to National Occupation Classification of Canada, the occupation place of associate falls under Financial Analyst.

Based on the occupational categorization tabular array, it is necessary that campaigners should hold anterior cognition of fiscal countries. In peculiar, a grade of Masters in finance watercourse would be a plus point. Hence, the cognition facet is of first importance in KSAO’s that campaigners should possess ( HRSDC, 2011 ) .In add-on to the fiscal cognition, campaigners should besides be able to show their ability to carry on numerical analysis.

This is the 2nd most of import accomplishment that campaigners should hold. This is because, the occupation of associate is to construe fiscal statements, develop fiscal theoretical accounts, execute informations analysis, and write memoranda. Therefore, it is necessary that they have a cognition and experience to execute this analysis and utilize appropriate tools to construe the information.On the 3rd rank, it is of import to hold interpersonal accomplishments and teamwork abilities.

This accomplishment is highly of import to BHC. Reason buttocks is that the associates and other co-workers are required to work together as a squad, discuss options, display professional presentations, and prosecute with clients. As a consequence, BHC prefers to hold campaigners with first-class interpersonal accomplishments, in peculiar communicating accomplishments, presentation accomplishments, and organisational accomplishments. Additionally, holding first-class authorship and research accomplishments is besides important for the occupation and it is the 4th on the list.

As a portion of the occupation, associates are required to carry on thorough research on client companies, gather informations, and compose memorandas.Last, campaigners should show assorted abilities in their personalities. Therefore, holding the ability to pull off and actuate squad members, develop and construct client relationship, develop new concern thoughts, perform multitasking, managing force per unit area and taking enterprises are besides a cardinal constituent in occupation demand of the associates. Furthermore, holding campaigners that best fit the above mentioned KSOA’s would be a perfect tantrum for the organisation and would able to give positive results for the company and long-run growing.


As Katterhagen, the campaigners I would urge to the Harvard Business School recruiting squad are Glenn T. Mitchell, Mark Phillips, Jamie M. Palmer, Sean Flynn, and Christiana T. Wunderlich.

To get down with, Glenn T. Mitchell would be one of the persons in the top five classs. The ground behind urging him is his anterior work experience. As a adviser at The First Boston Corporation, he engaged in corporate finance activities, amalgamation acquisitions, and strategic planning for clients in different industries.

He successfully managed and developed client relationships. He besides executed professional presentations for investors and chaired dialogues between client and loaners.All of the above accomplishments show that he possesses strong analytical and interpersonal accomplishments, extended cognition, and fiscal expertness in United States fiscal markets. Furthermore, while working at The Boston Consulting Group, he had gained custodies on experience in authorship, research, and recruitment procedure.

In add-on, he dealt with strategic and direction issues and generated new concern enterprises. Last, as portion of varsity men’s hoops squad, he has the ability to work in squads and demonstrate leading. As a consequence, all the KSAOs he possesses are movable accomplishments, which BHC extremely values. Furthermore, he would break align with company civilization and political orientation.

The 2nd campaigner I would urge would be Mark Phillips, his anterior work experience at Lehman Brother as an analyst and his singular accomplishment of separately fixing & A ; fliping scheme for $ 1.8 billion for Dutch household concern explains a batch. He has the ability to make multitasking and work under force per unit area. Furthermore, his specialisation in amalgamations and acquisition will be highly good for the BHC.

While working at Walt Disney he developed marketing scheme. Hence, these experiences significantly align with the BHC’s future growing schemes. Mark, through his anterior experience, has displayed first-class interpersonal accomplishments, teamwork abilities, fiscal and numerical analysis, and concern development. In add-on, he has demonstrated inaugural duty, by constructing a concern of his ain.

Last, he had managed and developed relationships while working for street undertaking. Hence, he is besides a strong campaigner for the place of associate and will be probably to bring forth gross to increase market portion.The 3rd campaigner I would urge would be Jamie M. Palmer.

Her old on the job experience in the middle-market banking group enhanced her background cognition related to BHC. She had teamwork experience and drafted a memoranda as an associate in corporate finance. Furthermore, she has conducted an analysis of Fortune 500 companies, assisted in strategic planning, managed the bank’s loaning relationships, identified new concern chances, took enterprises to develop concern proposals and managed people. Therefore, she possesses all the fiscal and functional cognition of the occupation that would be a strong rival for the place of associate.

Furthermore, the accomplishments demonstrated by her would besides be good in the future function of pull offing manager.Fourth campaigner that I would urge would be Sean Flynn. His anterior three work experiences are all related to finance industry. This provides him the necessary tools to construct a strong foundation for working at a fiscal group like BHC.

He has conducted an analysis on amalgamations and acquisition. He has besides developed comprehensive schemes to cover with concern minutess. Furthermore, he possesses first-class research accomplishments, composing accomplishments and teamwork ability. Through his clip at Montgomery Securities, he took portion in client direction and dialogues.

He besides had served as a manager of enlisting and preparation plan. Therefore, his anterior work experience reflects his strong ability to take on the function and take the BHC in the right way.Fifth and the concluding campaigner I would urge to BHC would be Christiana T. Wunderlich.

In her anterior work experience, she has diagnosed jobs, presented recommendations, and conducted extended fiscal and numerical analysis for senior direction. This shows that she has strong interpersonal and analytical accomplishments. She was besides responsible for the feasibleness survey of an $ 800 million joint venture in Czechoslovakia. Furthermore, she drafted a bundle and negotiated with the Czechoslovakian authorities, which shows her ability to manage force per unit area, manage issues, and trade with clients.

In add-on, she led the constitution on national gross revenues companies. Last, through her work she has demonstrated that she is a good author and research worker as she had drafted studies for authoritiess and clients.The remainder of the campaigners should be rejected for the place of associate. Although the campaigners who are rejected have a possible, but they lack in certain KSAO’s which are required for this occupation.

The grounds behind the rejection of the campaigners are as followers: For Glaudius D. Thomas and Patrick D. O’Brien ; they both come from a military background. Although few accomplishments might be movable, yet most of the KSAO’s would non fit to BHC occupation demands.

For Rose Von Mehren, most of her experience showed her accomplishments in implementing merchandises development and selling field. Hence, she may miss fiscal cognition to measure the demands of BHC. In instance of Pieter Van Der Meer, Winston S. Rutherford, and James D.

Hennessey, they are fit for being an comptroller based on their background and experience.As for Christopher R. O’Neil, he had extended fiscal experience, but he lacks the necessary interpersonal and communicating accomplishments that are necessary for the occupation. For John J.

Marquez, he is a more fit for gross revenues related occupation as his anterior experience is geared toward gross revenues and lack the necessary fiscal expertness for amalgamation and acquisition assignments. For Jeffrey P. Nystrom, he has more experienced in operations and direction information system hence the accomplishments required at BHC does non aline with his anterior work experience. For Pierre Lacroix, his focal point has been fabricating and scrutinizing work based on his past instruction and working background so he will non be the best campaigner for BHC.

For Edward Bristol, his concentrations were finance and general direction that is helpful, but his experience was more focussed on Information engineering and MIS, so he does non possess fiscal expertness. Finally, for John R. Lucas, he is a really good fiscal analyst but he lacks attending to detail as mistakes were found in the sketch.


Therefore, Katterhagen should concentrate on enrolling qualified persons who possess the relevant cognition accomplishment and abilities.

Furthermore, by engaging the people that match the relevant KSAO’s would supply an chance to BHC to develop, turn, and increase their market portion in hereafter.MentionsHeneman, H. , Judge, T. , Smith, V.

, & A ; Summers, R. ( 2010 ) .Staffing Organizations, Canadian Edition. ( 2nd Ed.

) . McGraw-Hill Ryerson Higher Education.Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and Statistics Canada, ( 2011 ) .National Occupational Classification 2011( 971-1-100-20020-0 ) .

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