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The Choice Is for Everyone Which Debate to Choose

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    August 14th, 2016 led a disgraceful day toward the United States of America. Colin Kaepernick, National Football League quarterback who last played for the San Francisco 49ers, kneeled during the Pre-Game National Anthem performance. Should NFL players be punished for kneeling during the national anthem? Yes I believe they should. To act this way is to show a huge amount of disrespect toward the United States of America.

    The National Anthem was established on September 14th, 1814 during the War of 1812 by Francis Scott Key. He wrote exactly what he saw, and how it made him feel. All the men who fought long, and hard to make America what it is today. Key saw the U.S. flag drifting through the wind as the U.S. claimed victory over the British. Our beautiful National Anthem lets us celebrate, and thank those wonderful human beings for all the hard troubles they have faced just so we can have the freedom that we have today. I am truly thankful for our nation’s veterans, and soldiers of today. Without their tremendous bravery, and strength our rights would be no longer. I am blessed to say that I am apart of this great nation, and grateful for the freedom it has given me.

    The rise of the inappropriate action of one’s knee falling to the ground during their own country’s National Anthem is an abomination not only to them, but to the ones who support this madness. Colin Kaepernick created a toxic environment not only to his team, but to the citizens of America giving off the effect that his opion is worth more than the lives that were taken to give us freedom to watch, and play football. The people who do this nonsense believe their rights are violated in the United States. That is false. The only reason you have rights is because of the brave men and women who fought for you. IndyStar states, “NFL players who are kneeling during the national anthem say they are doing so to protest racial inequalities and police violence against minorities in America.” I am sorry you feel that way, but the freedom that you have in this great, and amazing country was given to you so that you could live the American dream, the dream to become someone who you want to be, a new chance to succeed in life. You are a NFL quarterback making millions of dollars, you should be standing with your hand on your heart thanking the mighty men and women for the hard fought battles, long nights, injury upon injury, etc.

    I believe any man that does this in the National Football League should be punished to an extent that he will not want to do it again, and he’ll actually want to respect the flag, and his great nation. The National Football League created a fine that would be given to the team whose players kneel, or sit during the National Anthem showing disrespect toward their own country. The NFL set rules that would make their players be out on the field at all times during the National Anthem, and they must stand. If chosen not to do so would result in a big fine toward their own franchise causing their own team to be angry with them. This will hopefully cause the players to rethink before they act disgracefully.

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