The Count of Monte Cristo (Mercedes)

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Mercedes, the main character in this book, is often described as the most courageous and virtuous. This assessment is well-founded considering the many challenges she faced. These challenges included dealing with Edmond Dantes, his father, Fernand, and navigating the complexities of her relationships with both Edmond and Fernand. Additionally, Mercedes constantly worried about her son Albert’s well-being. Demonstrating her kind-heartedness and compassion, she showed great love and concern for Edmond’s father. Her love for Edmond and his father surpassed anything else in her life. Naturally, Mercedes was overjoyed to reunite with Edmond when he returned on the Pharaon. Having missed him dearly, she knew that their long-awaited marriage was now finally possible.

When Edmond was arrested during their wedding feast, Mercedes was filled with confusion and fear, uncertain about what fate awaited her beloved fiancé. Throughout Edmond’s imprisonment, Mercedes devoted herself to caring for his father until he tragically died from starvation within her arms. Believing Edmond had perished in prison, she patiently waited for his return for a period of two years before eventually deciding to marry. Although Mercedes cherished Fernand as a brotherly figure who supported her during this difficult time, her love for him did not extend beyond that since she knew Edmond would never come back.

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She decided to marry him after believing that Edmond had died in prison. Although she loved Fernand, Edmond remained her true love. Together, Mercedes and Fernand had a son named Albert, whom Mercedes skillfully educated in the arts and all her knowledge. She supported Albert in every possible way, proving to be a devoted and caring mother. However, their family’s reputation was tarnished when it became known that Fernand had killed Ali Pasha. Upon discovering this, Mercedes and Albert returned home to gather some of their numerous possessions.

They had the option to take their money and possessions; however, they chose to abandon them due to their origins and identity. Their departure was necessary to avoid disrespect due to their association with the Morcerf surname. Albert decided to join the Spahis, citing their superior uniforms as the reason. Additionally, he needed a means to support his mother during her solitude. Mercedes, on the other hand, intended to spend her remaining life in a convent to avoid loneliness. Mercedes exhibited numerous acts of bravery and displayed goodness throughout her life.

“She witnessed the arrest of her beloved fiancé, cared for and then watched as her soon-to-be father-in-law died from starvation in her arms, raised a good son, and was a very good mother to him. Despite not wanting him to put himself in harm’s way, she supported Albert’s decision to join the Spahis. Mercedes declined help from the Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes, out of respect for Albert’s wishes. Consequently, because of Albert’s enlistment in the Spahis, Mercedes resolved to spend the remainder of her life in a convent.”

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