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The Count of Monte Cristo (Mercedes)

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  • Pages 3
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    Mercedes is described as the most courageous and “good” character in this book. This is true because of all she experienced. Some of the things she had to deal with were Edmond Dantes, his father, Fernand, and the life she knew with Edmond and then with Fernand. She also worried about what was best for her son Albert. She was so kind and caring for Edmond’s father showing her love and concern for others. Mercedes loved Edmond and his father more than anything else. She was so happy to see him when he got off the Pharaon. She had missed him so much and now that he was home they could finally get married.

    When Edmond was arrested at their wedding feast she was confused and scared. She had no idea what would happen to her fiance. While Edmond was in prison Mercedes took care of his father, until he died from starvation in Mercedes’ arms. She waited for Edmond to return from prison a total of two years before she married because she thought Edmond had died in prison. She was having a hard time with his death, but she knew he wasn’t coming home. Mercedes loved Fernand like a brother, but nothing more than that, because he was always there for her.

    She ended up marrying him after she came to the conclusion that Edmond had died in prison. She loved Fernand but she never forgot about her true love, Edmond. Fernand and Mercedes had a son, Albert. Mercedes taught him the arts and everything else that she knew. She helped him in any way she could. Mercedes was a good mother. When Mercedes and Albert found out that their family had no honorable reputation anymore, because Fernand had killed Ali Pasha and the word got out, they went home and packed some of their many belongings.

    They could have taken their money and treasures but they left them because of where and who they had come from. They had to leave town so they weren’t disrespected for having the last name of Morcerf. Albert enrolled in the Spahis, he said it was because they had the best uniforms. He also needed a way to provide for his mother while she was alone. Mercedes was going to dedicate the rest of her life in a convent so she wouldn’t be all alone. Mercedes did many things that made her courageous and “good.

    ” She witnessed the arrest of her beloved fiance, she cared for and then watched as her soon to be father in law died from starvation in her arms, she raised a good son, and she was a very good mother to him. She supported Albert’s decision to join the Spahis even though she didn’t want him to put himself in harm’s way. Mercedes wouldn’t accept help from the Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes, because Albert wouldn’t have wanted her to, and she wanted to respect his wishes. Mercedes decided that because Albert had joined the Spahis she would devote the rest of her life in a convent.

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