The Cucumber Island International Airport In Sungai Siput Construction

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This Airport nexus undertaking between The Government of Perak and the Sungai Siput City council is identified as one of the figure of strategic major conveyance elements of the motorway-standard route web of Sungai Siput and is portion of the scheme to better the efficiency of Sungai Siput route web. The intent of this Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA ) Report is to look into, measure the principal environmental concern associated, and for carry oning the work of the environmental impact appraisal for the proposed Cucumber Island International Airport. This study will place the major environmental issues which are considered in relationship to the important effects of the development during building and operations work. The range of the Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIA ) survey covers both of the building stage and the operational phase of the Cucumber Island international Airport, look intoing and analysing

The Project Sponsor commissioned A. Pascual environmental Services and Consultant Perak, Inc to fix the Environmental Impact Assessment ( EIS ) Report after considered all decently made and other entry about the EIS and auxiliary Report and other advice from bureaus, including the section of Department of Main Roads, Directorate General of Air Communication, Department of Health, The environmental Protection Agency and Sungai Siput City Transport.

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The Project consists of the design, funding, operation and building of a new international airdrome rider terminal functionary called Cucumber Island International Airport. Located in the center of Perak and between the Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh. So it was the really suited topographic point to construct the new airdrome. The proposed new terminus will replace the bing Ipoh International Airport. The job with the Ipoh International airdrome is it merely can maximum capacity of 5,000,000 riders per twelvemonth had already been exceed by 1990. The Perak Government has decided that Cucumber Island International Airport will be located on about 70 hectare ( hour angle ) within Taiping Airbase, which is under the territorial legal power of Sungai Siput. The Cucumber Island International Airport will replace the Ipoh International Airport, which will be closed upon commercial of Cucumber International Airport and it will designed to manage a upper limit of 10,000,000 riders of Sungai Siput.

Sungai Siput City is situated on coastal field with merely a rebuff of up to 2 per centum. It is by and large affected by tectonic temblors generated by the Casiguran Fault East Luzon Trench. These shudders are usually felt with an strength runing from 4 to 7 on the Rossi-Forrel graduated table, with most being 4.

The noise during the twenty-four hours clip in the locality of the site soon mean about 64 dBs ( dB [ A ] ) , and the nighttime mean degree is 53 dubnium ( A ) . The Perak criterion of noise degree in residential countries are 55 dubnium ( A ) for daylight, and 43 dubnium ( A ) for dark. Because of this topographic point is near with many mountains around 10 Km so the temperature ranges around 25 & A ; deg ; C in January and February to around 35 & A ; deg ; C in April and May. In the locality, the groundwater table scopes from 1.0 to 7.5 metres from the land surface.

There are no fishpond, nor is at that place active fishing in the locality of the undertaking site. The close fishing came around 25km which so far from the airdrome. The merely conspicuous signifier of wildlife are birds ( largely sparrow ) but there are no wood near the undertaking site so there are no endangered species vegetations and zoologies. In 2000, the topographic point be the diversion because the have the really big deficiency with the crystal clear H2O as 15km from the airdrome country. So the airdrome will be the one of the hoarded wealth thing and can interact other people to travel at that place.

In the 2007, the sum of population, 300000 were males and 129850 were females, but the population of Sungai Siput City Perak was registered at 458850 of whom 29000 were relocated from chunky country, so ensuing in a net population of 429850. The mean population denseness was more than 22000 individuals per square kilometre. There were merely 50000 family, with an norm of five individuals each, smaller than the regional norm of 10. As 2007 merely 85 per centum was employed, with the reasonably high population registration at an norm of 87 per centum. The dominant economic sciences activity in Sungai Siput City largely involved in services activity.

The H2O supply of Sungai Siput City come from the Lembaga Air Berhad. So, around 90 per centum population have H2O supply. Electric power is supplied by the Tenaga National Berhad.

In footings of land usage, the Cucumber Island International Airport will be located at the largest country in Sungai Siput City. The item of impermanent agreements will go the duty of the contractor during the building planning, so other program will make to avoid the spoil in conveyance, noise, dust, and traffic job.

Perak Government will necessitate to construct 20000 lodging units. In add-on to 7000 double-up households that need separate need lodging so they need brooding. In add-on, there are some 29000 households indentified who need resettlement or whose present brooding units are desperate demand to upgrading.

In Sungai Siput country, has 15 public simple school, plus 22 private school 5 public secondary school. There besides have one Matriculation College, two private college and one public university. There are besides four private vocational school. So for the hereafter, after this undertaking are build, there is no job and no concerns for the new households who want to populate around the Airport because this program have a really quality of instruction.

Most of the occupant in Sungai Siput City and the small town near the metropolis were employed in the Government ( 45 ) , 20 per centum being self employed, 12 per centum in the private concern sector and 22 housework, and the remainder is un employment. The income ranging for the family from RM2000 to RM4000 and merely 5 per centum had an mean monthly income of less than RM500.

Sungai Siput City has 5 infirmary including 2 authorities infirmary, Sungai Siput General Hospital, and the Lintang General Hospital. Because of the Cucumber Island International Airport allocated in the center of Ipoh City and Kuala Kangsar City, so they have a batch infirmary added from both metropolis. With 8 authorities wellness centered staffed by 10 doctors, 50 nurse, 20 tooth doctor, and 30 accoucheuses. The five prima causes of morbidity in Sungai Siput City are diseases of the bosom, traumatic hurts, TB, tumor, and dotage. The birth rate in Sungai Siput City is recorded at 3.5 per 10000 population, while the decease rate is 5.1 per 1000 population.

This proposed undertaking will include such as foundation intervention, roads and installations edifice, container yard, every bit good as lighting, installations for H2O supply and other as a major building component. Some negative outwardnesss for illustration pollution besides have been created during the building period such as technology waste H2O, dust, mechanical noise, and building waste. Other Environmental impacts are anticipated during both the building phase and the operational phase for this new airdrome and some of the pollution bar and other demands that can increase this negative outwardnesss by the both of phase to a lower limit.

Perak river are non expected to adversely impact during the building work such as dirt digging, constructing building, and land readying. The undertaking ‘s estimated the H2O demand of 1000 three-dimensional metres ( m? ) but it will nor impact the supply H2O to the occupant of Sungai Siput City and the close City. Two new pumping will be runing and it will adding 1500 million litres per twenty-four hours of H2O supply.

The air quality within the locality is already above the Malaysia criterion. Although the dirt digging, land readying, and concreting activities will increase the air quality degree but a comprehensive system of to be used and it will extenuate the impact.

Harmonizing to this undertaking, building activity will bring forth the employment chances and other beginnings of income for the occupant of Sungai Siput City will be generated. Since no combustible stuff will be used, and no fires will be ignited so it will barely be any fire jeopardy. Solid waste from the building and generated by some 700 workers will be disposed of day-to-day by Sungai Siput City refuse trucks.

Monitoring during building phase will be duty of Directorate General of Air Communication. ( DGAC ) on site. The undertaking disposal assisted by the supervisory and review force of the adviser for supervising. The consequence of the environmental monitoring procedure will be prepared by the supervising adviser to guarantee the building contractor carries out the necessary control and extenuation and will be contained in monthly and it will be sent to DGAC cardinal office in Kuala Lumpur and to the cardinal Bank for reappraisal.

B ) Operational Phase

The addition in air quality criterion within the locality will be generated during the operation. The terminal edifice will be to the full air-condition and filtration system will be on a regular basis checked and cleaned the dust. Harmonizing to supervising informations refering H2O quality at locations site both away and on around the airdrome will be obtained besides a monthly, the DGAC besides will transport out the environmental monitoring work during the operational stage of the undertaking.

The aircraft motions will be increased the noise degree. Surface building work besides may bring forth inordinate degrees of noise, quiver, or dust would be restricted to the hours of the 7:00 am to 7:00 autopsies Monday to Saturday, with no work on Lord’s daies or Public Holidays. Particular fortunes where above land surface works may be conducted outside these hours might include plants on

arterial roads, plants in rail corridors, and works affecting big prefabricated constituents. However, flights are usually schedule during twenty-four hours clip. So to minimise noise description to colony comparatively beloved to Cucumber Island International Airport, non more than two flights will travel and must be before 10 autopsy. Thus, no breach of acceptable airdrome noise criterion will take topographic point. Further, the flight way of aircraft will non be over population countries. Although when a road-header is used, quiver, noise, and dust degree are likely to be low and unperceivable in edifice above the tunnel but this will merely happen during the twenty-four hours and be for short period. The noise besides will be report monthly. This some illustration are to be taken to cut down the impact of this undertaking, they use the advanced equipment and engineerings of low noise which is can cut down the noise, the percussion stacking machine be prohibited and the on the job clip agenda besides will be arranged rationally.

Cucumber Island International Airport will hold its ain sewage intervention works, which before dispatching them into the Perak River, they will decently handle wastewaters foremost in conformity with Malaysia criterion. An understanding will be develop by DGAC by which any alterations in land usage in the restricted zones of the land usage program adopted to command the country around this new airdrome must ne submitted to airport operator for reappraisal and concurrency to prior blessing.

This new airdrome undertaking will make 100000 occupations, so the commercial operation may do a mild migration o possible occupation searchers to Sungai Siput City.

This undertaking besides can be a significant extra grosss to both the local authorities of Sungai Siput City and national authorities. Over a 15 period, it is estimated hat the undertaking will add some RM 25 million to the revenue enhancement aggregation of Sungai Siput City and RM 300 million to the national authorities.

The hazard of air trade accidents will be minimized through go oning betterments in surveillance installations and employment of extremely trained forces and it can cut down if one considers that aircraft flight forms are mostly over low denseness colonies

E. Options

On physical environment site, there is no consequence either positive or negative if the Cucumber Island International Airport. But it besides will no inauspicious impact would suffered by the bordering metropolis establishment. However, this would ensue in congestion of rider and eventual loss grosss to the National and local authorities, The Sungai Siput City and the national authorities will lost as RM 325 million of grosss from revenue enhancement in 15 old ages if the new airdrome was build. This City besides will lost the good manner to make a new occupation and at the same clip can cut down unemployment at that country.

If Cucumber Island International Airport were non to be set up at the propose site, the lasting constructions such as the simple school, the community centre, the church, at their present site, but the school communities ( relevant Parents and Citizens Association, pupil, parent and Education Sungai Siput ) have identified a figure of physical betterments to the bing school to extenuate sensed impacts particularly at the Kuala Kangsar State High School, Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Angel Maria Convent in Sungai Siput. Suggested steps proposed by submitters include air conditioning, improved athletics installations and put down countries and other installations.

The Bases Conversion Development Authority ( BCDA ) which owns the site proposed undertaking, decidedly program want to develop the country into o commercial centre. Hence, the job such as air pollution and noise degrees, will increase due to vehicular emanations, addition in domestic air flights and heavy traffic flow even without the this International Airport undertaking.

F. Cost Benefit Analysis

In carry oning the cost-benefit analysis of the proposed Cucumber Island International Airport, the Financial prepared by NSR Financial Consultant was used.

For the cost point, the estimated sum undertaking cost of RM500 1000000s was used. The entire undertaking cost includes the entire cost of installations, the mosque, and community centre, estimated as RM6 million, cost of proviso of a auto park constructing RM20 million, route entree betterment, and other cost such as cost of the Fire Prevention Plan, sewage and drainage system, estimation at RM2 million. In footings of the benefit, the internal rate return and the net nowadays value are calculated as 25 per centum and RM505.5 million, severally.

The direct negative sociological impacts of Cucumber Island International Airport will associate chiefly to Temin ‘s Village. There will be a important supplanting of or alter in neighborhood composing Third street, Trosor street and cool H2O avenue. The occupants will besides installations such as:

Sungai Siput City South High School

Cucumber Elementary School

Community College of Sungai Siput

Village Health Center and the secondary school

At-Taawuniah mosque

There will be some direct costs related to the resettlement of accomplished abodes and installations. This installations will besides be temporarily subjected to nuisances associated with major building, including dust, traffic job, addition in noise degree and other similar effects. On the lasting footing site, the noise and traffic from terminal activities will do some perturbations, However, the undertaking will ensue in several good impacts on both a impermanent and a lasting footing.

Construction will necessitate about 700 labourers of changing trade and sill degrees. The foreign exchange militias of the state will be better because of the foreign exchange influx of RM300 million. There will besides hold some positive impact on public assistance and unemployment. About 65 per centum of the labour would necessitate no specific accomplishments or preparation.

It is estimated that the installation will pass about RM25 million per twelvemonth on direct purchase. Based on this sum each twelvemonth, the entire direct and indirect part of the installation to the Malaysia economic system will be about RM11 million per twelvemonth, and that RM25 1000000s will assist the production and gross revenues many local industries. Due to this undertaking at least RM 37million will be generated from touristry and all gross will move as long-run beginning of gross. Cucumber Island International Airport will accommodated an norm of 7000 arriving and going international riders per twenty-four hours.

G. Institutional Requirements and Environmental Monitoring Program

During the whole Project Cycle, when building phase and operational phase, regular monitoring will be undertaken to measure the effectivity of the mitigating steps being implemented to minimise the inauspicious impact of the undertaking activities. The parametric quantities besides will be undertaken on a regular basis and continuously in order to monitoring of noise, air and H2O quality. This Cucumber Island International Airport will ensue in negative impact from building activity over about four old ages. However, it is clear type, strength and graduated table of the impacts are moderately typical of interior metropolis building sites, and are of a nature that the building industry is adept at managing.

Monitoring will besides cover I ) Performance of the installation after building, two ) confirmation of proper wastewater at the installation three ) annually physical testing of the undertaking country four ) traffic direction V ) proper solid waste disposal.

H. Public Involvement

A societal perceptual experience study was conducted by a joint group of societal scientist from the University Putra Malaysia and Malaysia Engineering college for this undertaking. The study was undertaken among the occupant of the metropolis and small town around the proposed country.

Base on the interview with the Chairperson of BCDA on August 2010, the undermentioned information was confirmed:

To avoid exposure from the occupant to any air transport-related accidents. It is necessary to relocate the school, mosque, and bing community centre from their present site to an country further off from the undertaking. The PAF Command has agreed to relocation the some households soon busying the flat edifice. The new resettlement will hold tower block condominiums that will be offered for sale at concessional rates.

The Department of Education, Culture and Sport ( DECS ) besides agreed to the suggestion to reassign of the affected schools to the proposed resettlement site. The representatives of the mosque besides agreed to the transportation of the mosque to the proposed resettlement site.

I. Decision and recommendation

As this Cucumber Island International Airport will be located within the Ipoh City and Kuula Kangsar the Royal metropolis, so its undertaking topographic point is executable. The option to command all the steps proposed and the pollution from this undertaking are dependable and shown the contractor and the direction squad really duty for all the negative consequence during the building and operation phase. and Implementation of the Cucumber Island International Airport will supply the installation that could adequate suit 10,000,000 riders yearly for the state and is expected to increase the touristry potency of the state particularly Perak is one of the good travel topographic point in Malaysia. So this new Airport can do the tourer easier to came directly from their state. New occupation besides will increase from the proposed Undertaking estimation to be 1700 ( direct labour 700, indirect labour 1000 ) and 11000 individual during operation which is can diminish unemployment.

The Malaysia Government is guaranteed to gain a sum of RM 15 million from the operation of the Cucumber Island International Airport Project. But the Project will pay back trough the one-year income revenue enhancement of about RM 25 million, while income revenue enhancement to be paid by approximately 18000 employment chances with the entire around RM 12 million yearly.

Initially, incremental foreign exchange is RM300 million loan. During commercial operation of this proposed undertaking will added foreign exchange influxs will come from 7,000,000 geting riders, the estimation gross is 700 million if the mean outgo is RM1000 per geting rider.

The proposed Cucumber Island International Airport will decidedly be to public advantage. The major benefit will be socioeconomic and fiscal economic. Although, the primary long-range effects on the physical environment include the resettlement of several houses on Third street, Trosor street and cool H2O avenue due to route broadening, and several establishments such as Sungai Siput City South High School, Cucumber Elementary School, Community College of Sungai Siput, Village Center and Gymnasium, and At-Taawunniah mosque but all resettlement are already discussed with the occupants. Finally, the occupant of Lintang ‘s small town where the 1s that really near with the proposed Undertaking will be subjected to lasting addition in noise degree that bring forthing from the container Bridgess and container Bridgess and dawdlers, forklift and etc. However, in footings of degree clip of happening, and distribution will non a cause a major impact and will vanish upon the undertaking is complete but they will mensurate as a regular care. The building of the proposed Undertaking will guarantee optimal usage of a subdivision of fresh land owned by BCDA and the will ensue merely in a few limited impermanent environmental inauspicious consequence.

The first three old ages of operation and to cover the building stage, a simple monitoring plan is needed. This will be prepared during the design stage of the undertaking by the technology and adopted by DGAC. It will so be implementing during undertaking building by the disposal assisted by the technology adviser and the staff runing the airdrome during airdrome operation. The monitoring plan will be supervised by the Directorate of Engineering of DGAC.

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