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San Jose International Airport Commission

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The San Jose International Airport Commission operates the San Jose International Airport which is basically a medium sized airport that acts as a reliever for San Francisco International Airport. Despite the status of San Jose as one of the most populated cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, it has one of the fewest services of passengers in the area. The reason for this is that most of the passengers prefer to travel from Oakland International Airport (OAK) and the much larger San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

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San Jose International Airport Commission
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Though it may be only medium sized, this airport still handles a fairly large number of passengers annually (10. 9 million) and such a volume can still present plenty of challenges for the San Jose International Airport Commission. This short discourse will attempt to shed more light on the Airport Commission. It will include a brief discussion of the Commission and also highlight some of the duties of the Commission.

There will also be a segment on the composition of the Commission. The San Jose International Airport Commission: The San Jose International Airport Commission (Commission) is basically an advisory body to the San Jose City Council. As the duly appointed Commission in charge of the San Jose International Airport, the Commission not only functions in an advisory capacity to the City Council but also oversees the daily activities that occur in the airport.Aside from these functions, the San Jose International Airport Commission also presents monthly reports to the Director of Aviation as well as providing insight on the various issues relating to the Norman Y.

Mineta San Jose International Airport. The Commission is also charged with investigating and reviewing matters that pertain to the San Jose International Airport. The specific matters to be investigated or reviewed depend on the public mandate or when the City Council and the Director of Aviation require such to be done. Originally created as an administrative body to oversee the daily operations of San Jose International Airport, the Commission has also been empowered to direct the growth and development of the Airport in line with city policies.

As such, the current Airport Commission has declared its avowed policy of preserving the public interest by promoting and protecting air transportation. It has also integrated the growth of the Airport, as well as its other related activities, to the much larger framework of community development. The Airport Commission strives to accomplish these mandates without unduly affecting the residents and their property that are located near the San Jose International Airport. In relation to the City Council of San Jose, the Commission can only act in recommendatory role in the implementation of certain policies.

Its function vis-a-vis the City Council is to act as expert advisors in order to guide the City Council in the decision making process. Composition of the Commission: The Commission is basically composed of seven (7) members and one (1) airport liaison who is usually one of the members of the City Council. Each of the seven (7) members can serve for up to three (3) years per term. The commissioners must be residents of the locality, San Jose.

They must also have a sufficient background in Airport Issues and Operations. The position of being a member of the San Jose International Airport Commission is in the nature of public service.As an adjunct of the City Council, the members of the Airport Commission are not entitled to any remuneration. The only monetary claims that are available to the members are through reimbursement for expenses that have been incurred on City business or Commission business.

In order to become a member of the Airport Commission, one must submit an application to the Project Diversity Screening Committee as prescribed by the Needs Assessment Memo. This application is then forwarded to the City Attorney who will review said application for a Conflict of Interest review.If the application is approved by the City Attorney, the applicants will now be asked to appear for an interview in front of the Screening Committee Members. Following the interviews with the Screening Committee, a short list of applicants is handed to the Council Member Liaison who gives the list to the Commission.

Finally, after the Rules Committee of the Council has reviewed the application, it will recommend to the City Council who it deems most qualified and the City Council will declare the final appointment.Other Duties of the Commission: The members of the Commission are also required to attend the meetings of the Commission. There meetings are held every first Monday of the month at 6:00 pm at 1732 N. 1st Street, Suite 600, Conference Room.

These are required meetings as declared by the San Jose Municipal Code Section 2. 08. 060 which states that a Commissioner, who has accumulated absences for three (3) consecutive regular meetings or twenty percent (20%) of the Commission meetings for the year, is considered as having effectively resigned from his position on the Commission.There are sub-committee meetings, however, that do not have such stringent attendance policies.

These meetings include annual all-day retreats and other ceremonial events. The normal meeting length for the Commission is four hours though this has been known to extend to a longer period depending on the circumstances. A perfect example would be the post 9/11 meeting which lasted for nearly a day.

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San Jose International Airport Commission. (2017, May 04). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/san-jose-international-airport-commission/

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