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The Dyson G-force Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Pages 4
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    The first ever Dyson vacuum cleaner was invented by James Dyson in 1983. This design was said to be the largest innovative break through since the vacuum cleaner was first invented in the early 20th century. The reason for this newer, futuristic design was not only to improve the function of the vacuum cleaner but to also improve the look of the vacuum cleaner. James Dyson was annoyed with vacuum cleaners losing their suction power and their bags constantly clogging up. As a way to improve the vacuum cleaner, James Dyson began to design the first ever bag less vacuum, soon to be known as the G-force vacuum cleaner.

    James Dyson is a British inventor and was born in Norfolk in 1947. In his 15th year of trying to master its design and constructing over 5,000 prototypes, Dyson finally mastered the design of the first ever dual cyclone system that didn’t lose suction or clog up. It was called The G-force vacuum. As no other company would manufacture his design, Dyson launched his own business, Dyson Limited. After the positive feedback from his first design, Dyson decided to produce a second bag less vacuum cleaner, DC01.

    Since then he has designed numerous varieties of vacuum cleaners ranging from upright vacuums (such as the DC07, pictured right) to hand held vacuums. James Dyson’s company and designs have become so successful that they have reached sales over $10 billion worldwide. The Dyson vacuum cleaner has impacted many people’s lives throughout the world. Cleaning our homes has always been a part of our lives and with the invention of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, these duties have become much easier. Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner was often said to be quite heavy, sometimes making it hard to move.

    So after many more designs, Dyson began to release more and more vacuum cleaners, improving the design and fixing the flaws of the last. All of Dyson’s vacuums use a dual cyclone technology. The G-force vacuum (pictured right) uses 150,000 g’s of force to filter dust and remove large and very minute particles of dirt from airflow. This allows the vacuum to maintain its suction power and not clog up. The G-force vacuum cleaner fit well in practically any household. It was small enough to be kept in closets, which made it very convenient for people, especially those living in apartments.

    The shape of the appliance also made it easy to manoeuvre into corners of rooms when cleaning. All of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are said to be the best available on the market. This is because of their high quality and their life expectancy. Dyson offers a five-year warranty on all vacuum cleaners. They often have a life span of over a decade, which is much higher than most other vacuum cleaners. Dyson vacuum cleaners are often found to be quite costly. Ranging from $400 for a current upright model. Although the price is quite steep, this product is definitely value for money.

    Unlike other leading brands, Dyson has a very long life expectancy, which makes it a more valuable purchase. The Dyson vacuum range is also said to be a very safe vacuum cleaner. When designing his vacuum cleaners, James Dyson and his team of designers took into account all safety problems that they may come across. All electrical wires and parts that could be harmful are located inside the thick outer shell of the vacuum cleaner. This means that the chances of electrocution are extremely minor. One of Dyson’s current vacuum cleaners is the DC31.

    It is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner that contains a battery larger than any other available model. It has 40% more suction power than any other brand and is one of the most convenient vacuum cleaners available on the market. The Dyson vacuum cleaner is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners available today. This is because it has a life span of more than a decade, meaning that fewer vacuums have to be replaced. This then means that less waste from broken vacuum cleaners is being produced.

    Dyson vacuums also do not require bags or filters that need to be constantly thrown away and replaced. They contain washable filters that only need to be cleaned every six months and have lifetime warranty and lifetime expectancy. The invention of the Dyson vacuum cleaner has not only impacted on our lives with its practicability, functioning and innovative design, it has also been beneficial to the environment. The invention of this Dual Cyclone system vacuum cleaner has definitely been a breakthrough in technology.

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