The Fundamentals of Sustainable Building Design


Sustainable edifice or green edifice can be refers as a construction that are environmental responsible and resource efficient in a edifice life-cycle that include locating and design, building, operation, care, redevelopment, and even destruction procedure of the edifice. Building building and operation have immense direct and indirect consequence to the environment, humanity and economic sciences. Sustainable design is an incorporate step taken by the designers and interior decorator in equilibrating the demands of those three countries by using holistic step to contrive a win-win design solutions. In simple words, sustainable design is a procedure of detecting balance between edifice and sustainable environment. However, this requires close coaction of design squad, designers, applied scientists, and clients.

The general aim of sustainable design was to minimise the overall impact of built environment on human wellness and natural environment despite advanced engineerings that invariably developed in current patterns. To be more specific the chief aims of sustainable design edifice was to cut down, if possible to wholly end the ingestion of energy, H2O and natural stuffs such as fuel. Besides that, it’s taking in forestalling the environmental debasement, pollution and waste from the erected edifices through its life-cycle. Last, sustainable edifice design were taking to make a comfy, safe, healthy and hiking employee productiveness. Building use resources such as energy, H2O, natural stuffs will bring forth waste such as from the residents, building, and destruction and dispatching potentially atmospheric emanations and can take to the nursery consequence and planetary heating.

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This is a major duties need to be taken by the proprietors, interior decorator and builders to run into all demands in planing and edifice construction that are accessible, secure, healthy and productive and at the same clip cut downing the impact on environment, societal, and economic sciences. Positive consequence from all those three facets bespeaking an ideal sustainable design edifice. Other than to include sustainable design in new building, alteration in an bing edifice is really cost-efficient where it can cut downing the overall operation cost and environmental and hiking the building’s lastingness. U.S. General Service Administration has identified 12 sustainable edifice designed commercial edifices were identified to be cost effectual and possess outstanding energy public presentation. In add-on, those sustainable edifice heighten the occupants’ satisfaction compared to those in typical commercial edifices

Background Information of the Undertaking

Located in between metropolis centre and Klang Valley, Mid Valley Megamall is a outstanding mega complex and known as the best shopping composite to locals and one of the largest shopping centre in the universe. Mid Valley Megamall is one of the biggest urban development undertaking in Malaysia. Mid Valley Megamall consists of 4.5 million square pess emporium dwelling a shopping promenade, an office tower, 30 signatures offices and two hotels viz. Cititel Midvalley and Boulevard Hotel. Opened in November 1999, this megamall has accommodate 430 shops with five trading degrees. The five well-known renters which include Carrefour, Jusco, 18-Golden Screen Cinemas, Metrojaya and Harvey Norman. Besides that, Mid Valley Megamall has besides accommodated the biggest Cineplax and Gym in Asia. This edifice was chosen as the instance survey due to its ability to suit different types of infinite under one topographic point. Through the rating of instance survey, we can place how the current status of the edifice in term of sustainability. Then, recommendation can be generated to heighten the overall public presentations of the edifice.

Figure 1 shows the dark position of Mid Valley Megamall


There are six cardinal aims of sustainable edifice design that didn’t fluctuate with the invariably altering definition of sustainable edifice design.

  • Heighten site potency

In making sustainable edifice, its starts in the construct and design phases. Concept phase is one of the major stairss in project life rhythm where it can impact both cost and public presentations. It continues with the choice of proper site that concern the reuse or recovery of bing edifice. It includes the location, orientation, landscape, nodes of transit, and energy usage. Besides that, circulation is an of import issue in optimising site design which include the success route, parking, vehicle barriers and margin lighting. Integration between site design and sustainable design is of import in achieving a successful undertaking. Sustainable design edifice should be able to play its functions to minimise the storm H2O overflow and presenting sustainable landscape design in Mid Valley Megamall.

  • Energy efficiency

Minimizing energy ingestion in Mid Valley Megamall should include the energy used to pull out, procedure, conveyance, installing and operation energy. There are several step that can be taken to cut down energy ingestion in edifice such as specify high-performance edifice and seting excess insularity in walls, ceilings and floor. Other than that, onsite power coevals can efficaciously cut down the environmental impact of the edifice despite its expensive installing cost. Net nothing energy edifice is besides one of the invention invented by authorities and private sectors that can significantly cut down building’s dependence on fossil fuel energy. The uninterrupted combustion of fossil fuel can bring forth C dioxide and other nurseries gasses that can do planetary heating.

  • Water Efficiency

In most of the state, H2O is a scarce resources where the demands of aquifer are increase quickly. In Mid Valley Megamall pattern, the H2O ingestion should be used expeditiously, reuse and recycle H2O. However, there are several schemes in conserving and protecting the H2O so that it can be potable and sufficient. One of the schemes was by planing plumbing that can make the recycling that can be used in lavatory flushing or lavation auto. Besides that, put ining H2O conserving fixtures that can assist in minimising the use of H2O. In current pattern, the environmental and sewage intervention cost are high sing the tremendous energy needed to pumping, conveyance and treats the H2O.

  • Materials Efficiency

The usage of natural resources are quickly escalate analogues with the rapid growing of world’s population. The resources nevertheless, are quickly diminishing due to the deforestation, forest combustion and etc. It is of import to accomplish an intelligent usage of stuffs that increasing their values, avoid pollution and preserves resources. The stuffs used in Mid Valley Megamall should non lend to planetary heating and resourced decrease and at the same clip cut downing the effects to human wellness. The edifice should besides be designed and operate by utilizing and re-using sustainable stuffs.

  • Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality ( IEQ )

The indoor environmental quality ( IEQ ) is greatly related with the comfort, well-being wellness and occupants’ productiveness. The Mid Valley Megamall should do the best usage dayligthing, natural airing, and wet control, enhance acoustic public presentations and forestall the use of high-VOC emanations stuffs. IEQ will turn to several guidelines sing design and building such as Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ ) , and other appraisal such as thermic and lighting.

  • Operationss and Maintenance Optimization

The engagement of edifice operator and care forces in planing and development phases can guarantee best operations and care of the edifice. During that phases, the can stipulate stuffs and systems that cut down cares necessity, less H2O, energy, cost effectual and cut down life-cycle cost.

Evaluation of the instance survey and environmental considerations

  • Dependence to unreal lighting

Lighting is one of the most of import constituent in shopping promenade. Proper and equal lighting can pull more clients coming to their retail store. Lighting can present the colourss of the surface of cloths, furniture, nutrient, jewellery and vesture intensely. Besides that, lighting will besides organizing a contrast which can supply significantly to customers’ behaviour and sense of wellbeing while remaining in the premises. Furthermore, illuming can effects the customers’ feeling by supplying comfort while store and doing them remain longer and shop more. Lighting will besides attracts clients by heightening the flow through the retail store and steering the clients to the gross revenues country. This is because light suggest emotions that make it easier for the clients to happen their ways. In vesture and jewellery retailing, visible radiation is of import as it can better the customers’ presence. It will besides heighten their societal accomplishments and assurance. Lighting can besides give out specific temper harmonizing to the trade name of the retail merchant ad improve the whole experience of the store.

However, dependence to artificial in shopping promenade are non cost-efficient seeing that there is no execution of LED illuming fixture. Sustainable design edifice are greatly related with the energy efficiency which can besides cut downing the consequence to human wellness. Harmonizing to some research, the unreal lighting can impact human wellness and productiveness where the people will sing concerns, oculus strain, weariness, eczema, emphasis and even malignant neoplastic disease.


Figure 2 shows the unreal lighting used in the one of the retail store in Mid Valley Megamall

( beginning: Nur Fazhila bt Syafwan Effendi )

  • Skylight

Skylight is a construction which can let the incursion of natural illuming onto the enclosed infinites. Located in the roof, fanlight was really utile to the topographic point that didn’t receive obtain much natural lighting. It is cost efficient as it can let the natural visible radiation onto the infinites with zero electricity costs and necessitate minimum care. This is one of the effective solution where it can salvage energy and cut down the operational electricity cost. The installing of fanlight in Mid Valley megamall located in the atrium are one of the clever enterprise designed by the designer. Skylight besides offers glorious positions of dark sky, stars, clouds and lightning even though limited by size of the fanlight. Skylights are utile for retailing as it provide outstanding colour reading and brightness.

However, excessively much emanation of natural illuming gives out negative impacts such as changeless blaze. Different strength and angle of incursion of daytime can take to the changeless blaze throughout the twenty-four hours. Base on the observation made, the degree of blaze forming by the fanlight are intensify during the midday and organizing annoying blaze.


Figure 3 shows the fanlight located in the halfway portion of Mid Valley Megamall

( beginning: Nur Fazhila bt Syafwan Effendi )


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