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The Ghost of Mississippi

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The Ghost of Mississippi

Ghost of Mississippi is a movie that deals with a sensitive racial issue. It was released around 1996 with a very strong theme and interesting appearance of each cast. Starred by Alec Baldwin as Bobby DeLaughter, James Woods as Byron De La Beckwith, Whoopi Goldberg as Myrlie Evers, James Pickens, Jr. as Medgar Evers and Virginia Madsen as Dixie DeLaughter.

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The Ghost of Mississippi
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            The movie starts with a murder of Medgar Evers, a charater played by James Pickens Jr. Megar was a black politician who at that time, struggling to create equality between black and white races.

This happens in 1963 setting where there was lot of violations of civil right and conflicts between two races. The suspect was a white resident named Byron De La Beckwith. But then, because of the strong influence and strength of white people during that time, there was a huge chance that Byron De La Beckwith can be acquitted from all charges.

After 30 years of grief and three times turnover prosecutors region for this case, the widow of Medgar Evers, Myrlie Evers requested for the case of the murder of her husband be re-opened.

Although the case went back to be heard again, a lot of contradictions and threat arises with the family for the community of Mississippi was still had a racial differences issues. The Evers’ lawyer, Bobby DeLaughter still able to established the truth of this case.

Upon seeing this film, I can’t help but to imagine how hard it was for those black people to live and be treated as human by the whites during that time. All the community struggles and violence that they had faced is what molds the freedom of our black brothers had today. I admire the strength of Mrs. Evers and the faith as well as the conviction of Bobby DeLaugther to push this case. Although there were still few racist marks we are witnessing nowadays it s still incomparable to the violence and struggles they had before. The lesson of this film is very clear and highly recommendable. All of us are created equal by God and should not be rated by colors or race. We are all human and so should act like one.

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