God Loves a Cheerful Giver

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This Bible verse explains that Christians should give generously and with a happy heart, as God loves a cheerful giver. We should follow in God’s footsteps and give graciously because of the many blessings that He has bestowed upon us. God gave up His own son for our sake, and reminds us that He will also give us all that we need. Everything that we have and are able to do is a gift from God. We should reflect on His generosity and strive to be generous ourselves, freely giving to others as He has done for us.

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Each adult male should give what he has decided in his bosom to give. non reluctantly or under irresistible impulse. for God loves a cheerful giver. This verse single-handedly amounts up the ground Christians are to give. We are to give because… . . God loves a cheerful giver. When Christians freely give. with a gracious bosom. we please God. God himself is a cheerful giver. He loves when His kids follow in his footfalls.

Think about the many approvals God has so richly bestowed on you. He doesn’t bless you because he has to. or because he feels obligated to. He gives to us. because He loves us. In Romans 9:32 it says. He who did non save his ain Son. but gave him up for us all–how will he non besides. along with him. gracefully give us all things. God was willing to give his ain boy for our interest. and He didn’t halt at that place.

This poetry reminds us that God gracefully gives us all things. From each breath you take. to the house you live in. From your occupation. to your kids. to your ability to read and compose. God has gracefully given you all that you have. and the ability to make all that you can make. There is nil given to you. that does non flux from the manus of God.

Meditate on his many approvals. Think about the cross. and the agony that was endured for your interest. Know this of God. he is a gracious God. and he calls us to be gracious as good. He calls us to be cheerful givers. and to freely give to others. as he has done so with us.

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