The Growth Of My Viewers Made Me A Person

In many different sports, people tend to get the word “spectator and participant”, assorted. A spectator is a person who watches and views the game and a participant is someone who physically gets involved in that sport. Aspectator has many free-things to do while watching a game, for instance, I would say a spectator can be someone like a referee or a college coach because they are both viewing and observing the game without physically being involved in it Also, a spectator has the freedom to go to a concession stand or even communicate with other people outside of the sport. Spectators, not only cheers for a game, but they also view the game differently than a participant. A spectator views the game based on skills and talent, while a participant views the games based on knowledge and strategies, a participant has many things to be concerned about in a game.

For instance, a participant must memorize many different plays they have to learn and also, they must make sure they follow their game plan, the participant in a sport takes 2-4 days a week to have practice and must maintain virtuous grades. As you can see> many participants have a very short period to do things outside of their particular sport and is most likely affected by the game due to being overwhelmed and pressure. But, a participant not only has a heavy schedule, they also gain anxiety in a game due to how large the crowd is and how loud the game gets, However, a spectator doesn’t feel the need of fear and anxiety, since they are only seeing and viewing the game. A participant and spectator has several qualities alike for example, a participant and spectator has a passion for a sport.

They both engross themselves in their designated sport and becomes impacted by it. When I played basketball in high school, I surround my life with basketball I became very fanatical with basketball and the feeling of encouragement, positivity, and reinforcement of many spectators. The growth of my spectators basically grew me as an individual and helped me overcome my fear of playing in front of a large crowd. A participant and spectator share many different qualities for a game. However, physically and mentally a participant goes through adversity and more experiences due to pressure in life.

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