The Importance Of Project Management Construction

The intent of this study is to show the importance of undertaking direction and the properties the client should seek when choosing a undertaking director. By specifying measureable aims, undertaking directors offer strategical qualities and way to the desired mileposts every bit good as to the completion of the full undertaking. The employment of their services allows for the organizing of information and activities including future hazard appraisal that leads to a quality merchandise within the clip and budget restraints. In add-on to the intent of a undertaking director, there are certain background properties that would lend to the success of a undertaking such as managerial accomplishment and proficient expertness that are relevant to the client ‘s ends.


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Harmonizing to the Association for Project Management ( APM ) , project direction is identified as the procedure by which undertakings are defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered such that the in agreement benefits are realised. A undertaking director is appointed by the client and serves as their representative throughout the full patterned advance period of the undertaking, if permitted by the contractual understanding. It is the undertaking director ‘s duty to foretell as many possible dangers and jobs in clip to be after, form and command activities so that the undertaking remains on agenda ( Lock, 2007 ) . Assorted hazards can be avoided by be aftering strategically including specifying mensurable aims at the start of the undertaking so that those issues can be accounted for before making the building stage. It is indispensable to integrate a undertaking director because they are able to organize and form information or activities, addition merchandise quality, cut down hazards, manage budgets, every bit good as complete the undertaking under strenuous clip restraints. In order for a undertaking director to convey these successful traits to a undertaking they must possess an array of managerial and proficient accomplishments. This study will closely measure how specifying mensurable aims, administration, merchandise quality, and budget direction will better the overall building procedure every bit good as measuring assorted properties that undertaking director should hold to efficaciously present a quality merchandise.

1.0 Why hire a Undertaking Manager?

1.1 Define Aims

Specifying measureable objectives-the “ range ” of the project-at the start of the undertaking is important to any successful undertaking. “ Scope Creep ” is one of the most common grounds why undertakings are unsuccessful whether it is due to schedule holds or drastic unexpected additions in budgets. For illustration, Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia had major additions in the original budget. The Federation Square opened in October 2002 with an original estimated budget at $ 100million but, due to ill defined aims, the budget has increased drastically to about $ 460million over the last 7 old ages. ( VAGO, 2003 ) “ Scope weirdo ” , refers to undertakings that are added to the initial grounds or range of the undertaking, which can happen both after the undertaking every bit good as during the procedure. During the planning period, the applied scientist is non ever certain of what the jobs are before the building stage. This is largely due to the deficiency of research. If the building stage commences as planned and there are public-service corporation lines unaccounted for, this would present complexness to the undertaking every bit good as alter the original aims. The deficiency of definition could throw the full undertaking off class from the original intent of building. The undertaking director hired will be able to take the necessary actions to battle these issues with the client.

1.2 Organise Information and Activities

Construction undertakings are alone in the facet that each undertaking presents its ain complexnesss. With any complex system, it is a demand that information and activities be good organised which is one of the many grounds for commissioning a undertaking director. There are a assortment of plans that aid the undertaking director in this country including Microsoft Office Project. Organization allows for optimum communicating between the undertaking director and the “ cardinal participants ” that could take the signifier of graphs, charts, etc. This information keeps the involved parties aware of their readying clip before their services are needed. If a job occurs, organisation besides allows the undertaking director to do quality determinations based upon the patterned advance of the undertaking in relation to the following milepost or deadline. In add-on to forming activities, labelling the distribution of support is every bit of import. The Project Management Body of Knowledge ( PMBOK ) classifies these in the signifier of “ Work Breakdown Structure, ” or WBS, which is a deliverable-oriented hierarchal decomposition of work to be executed by the undertaking squad to carry through the undertaking aims and make the needed deliverables ( PMBOK, 2004 ) . In respects to the budget, a WBS allows money to be distributed based upon its original purposes in a manner that keeps the undertaking director up-to-date with the staying support. WBS is merely another manner to maintain complex undertakings simple and easy to pull off every bit good as maintaining the client “ in the know ” .

1.3 Increase Product Quality

Due to the economic crisis, many clients desire a high quality merchandise associated with small cost. During the planning procedure, the undertaking director has the chance to research the services and merchandises necessary to finish the undertaking with the client ‘s best involvement in head. By and large, most project mistakes occur during the building procedure perchance due to unanticipated fortunes, field issues, and the work moralss of the contractors involved. Particularly in the US, based on a survey done in 2006-2008 on the most common grounds why contractors fail in which public presentation and direction issues were ranked in the top 5. Performance issues accounted for 36 % of failures and direction issues accounted for 29 % . To help in extinguishing these jobs, it is the duty of the undertaking director in concurrence with the building director to guarantee that the construction is built with minimum mistakes and safety jeopardies. Through this “ cheques and balance system, ” field issues can be successfully managed with small to no consequence on the agenda or future structural public presentation.

1.4 Manage Budget

The budget is the primary “ skeletal system ” to a successful undertaking. In any undertaking, whether in the populace or private sector, fiscal support is indispensable. Without it, delays in fiscal support advancement are inevitable. During the planning procedure, the undertaking director uses the WBS to help in forming and pull offing the financess every bit good as guaranting that there are financess allocated to future hazards besides known as the eventuality. In a recent study conducted by the National Audit Office ( NAO ) , about 24 % of holds in agendas were due to the incurred extra costs. This information conveys that the given budget was non managed decently or there were excessively many unanticipated hazards involved. With the aid of a undertaking director, such hazards can be accounted for during the planning period to avoid agenda holds.

2.0 What attributes should be considered when engaging a Undertaking Manger?

2.1 Managerial Skills

When choosing a undertaking director, the client should non merely be cognizant of how a undertaking director can heighten the overall public presentation of a undertaking but besides what skills to look for when using their services. In order to bring forth a successful undertaking the client should engage a undertaking director based on their leading accomplishments. Leadership skills consist of squad edifice, job resolution, and communicating accomplishments, merely to call a few. Undertaking directors are faced with hard state of affairss throughout the class of the undertaking which can non be solved by themselves. The undertaking director must depend every bit on all of the “ cardinal participants ” by constructing an effectual and efficient squad that may or may non be impermanent and actuate them to the client ‘s coveted vision. With those hard state of affairss, quick and quality job work outing techniques are every bit critical to the completion of the undertaking. For case, if there is an unannounced pipe underneath the work site and there is alteration in the initial range, the undertaking director must be able to do a quality determination based upon the clip and budget restraints. This issue can besides be affected by the communicating links between the “ cardinal participants ” . As stated earlier in this study, communicating can be conveyed through administration, charts, graphs, and agendas to maintain the involved parties informed, particularly the client ( s ) . Leadership is merely one property that covers an array of sub-skills that a undertaking director should possess to assist find the success of a undertaking.

2.2 Technical Expertness

In add-on to the managerial properties, proficient expertness is besides of import to hold when working with a client ‘s vision. Technical expertness may include range, cost, hazard, contract, and building direction and helps to help the client ‘s cognition beyond the initial construct of the construction. When pull offing the range, the undertaking director must maintain the primary vision in head so that cost, contracts, and the building procedure of even the most complex undertaking remain simple. The undertaking director is able to do the client aware of the different hazards that they might meet before the undertaking progresses past the conceptual stage every bit good as offer advice throughout the building procedure. Again, these properties are merely a few that a undertaking director can lend to a successful undertaking and should be considered during the choice procedure.

3.0 Decision

3.1 Overall Decision

In decision, specifying mensurable aims, administration of information and activities, increased merchandise quality, budget direction, and managerial and proficient accomplishments are all really of import to a undertaking that is classified a “ success ” by the client and the parties involved. The client should be progressively aware when using the services of a undertaking director that, “ A leader is merely every bit good as his followings. ” Without the stable foundation of any squad or undertaking, the merchandise is bound to neglect but if they are someway incorporated from get downing to stop, the impermanent and length of service usage of the merchandise is certain to be met.

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