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The Letter-Summary

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Adumbrate can be glorified as a prolific writer who has given a very vivid and wonderful description of the village and its people, along with the nature and loneliness of human beings. The story talks about coachman All who could not bear the pain of separation when his daughter left after her marriage. His loneliness gained momentum With passage Of time in Which he desperately waited for a letter from his daughter Miriam. The story begins with a very vivid description of how silent the village was appeared in deathly silence.

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The description Of it being early dawn and people fast asleep in a winter morning is very well portrayed through various phrases such as “early dawn stars”, “distant steps”, “occasional bark of dogs”, etc. The old man goes to the post-office everyday occupying a particular seat with a fixed purpose . Awaiting a letter from his daughter. People found him to be a lunatic and laughed at him. In the following lines of the story we find All missing from the post-office for several days as he falls sick terribly.

At last, he reaches the place one day and asks for the much awaited letter. The postmaster gets infuriated and chases him away.

Although this angers All, he doesn’t lose his temper. He gives five golden guinea’s to the postmaster to forward his letter to his grave as he considers that very day to be his last day of survival. He was never seen again. The turning point in the story comes when trouble knocks on the postmasters door in the form of news about his own daughter who lay sick in another town, He was anxious about receiving a letter from her, discussing her health. He searched in the pile of letters and to his shock, found Alias much waited letter from his daughter _ His anger disappeared in a whiff and he sent for the postman to send it to All right away.

The story here turns quite heart- rendering when the postmaster feels empathy towards AIL He is grieved because of his condition and is filled with sympathy for the old man. He then personally went to the post Office to give All the letter _ TO his amazement, All received the letter with gratefulness and tears in his eyes. The postmaster shrunk back when he noticed a light Of kindness when All received the letter. The postmaster narrated this entire story to the postman. When asked on whom he saw the scoutmaster said he saw AIL This is when he came to know that All had died three months before.

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