The Role of Youth in Politics

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Srirangam Srinivas, a renowned writer, emphasized that the youth holds the political power of our nation rather than indifferent and dishonest senior politicians. Throughout American history, young individuals have been essential in politics. The age range of 18 to 25 represents both the future of America and its political structure. Therefore, it is crucial for young Americans to actively participate in politics and fulfill their civic duties.

The involvement of young people in America is crucial for maintaining freedom and addressing political corruption. It is important for young individuals to engage in their civic duties and contribute to their nation, leaving a legacy of political and civic participation for future generations.
Corruption is a well-known issue in American politics, with a poll by revealing that 91.9 percent of citizens consider it a significant problem in Washington DC. There are frequent reports of political figures engaging in bribery or dishonesty, which has plagued the American political system since its inception.
As stated by Olusegun Obasanjo, “Corruption, the greatest single bane of our society today,” political corruption is causing regression in America. Young people have the opportunity to bring about change by actively involving themselves in politics. This would enable them to expose and ultimately eliminate corruption within the political system.

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Without action, the issues in America’s political system will continue and affect future generations. To fight political corruption, young people need to prioritize getting involved in politics and strive to be ethical and unbiased politicians whose main focus is serving the country’s citizens. This can only occur if more young individuals participate in politics. Additionally, it is the responsibility of young people to safeguard America’s freedom and justice.

When the Constitution was written, the founding fathers sought to establish a nation that guarantees freedom and equality, devoid of oppressive governance. Safeguarding this vital aspect of America’s identity is crucial; therefore, it falls upon the youth in our country to uphold America’s reputation as the “land of the free”. Nevertheless, accomplishing this necessitates active engagement in politics. To preserve America’s fundamental principles of freedom and equality, it is imperative for young individuals to engage in political activities.

Voting every four years for the president, who primarily serves as a symbolic leader, is not enough. It lacks sufficiency. Young individuals should participate in politics by seeking a political role, either at the local or national level. This is the only way to turn their beliefs into concrete actions and protect America’s lasting principles of freedom and justice. The youth should start engaging as soon as legally allowed. However, they must also gain political knowledge and show unwavering commitment to their convictions before fully embracing the world of politics.

In “The Good Citizen” by Russell J. Dalton, the decline in political engagement and interest among young people is acknowledged. This disengagement and apathy towards politics have been identified by both political analysts and politicians, leading to a loss of trust in the government. The consequence of this trend poses a significant challenge for America as the country’s freedom and equality depend on active participation from the youth. Thus, it becomes crucial for young individuals to engage themselves in politics as soon as possible.

The future of America depends on the engagement of young people, who should participate in civic activities and express their ideas and beliefs to politicians. This will ensure that policies meet their needs and desires. However, according to CIRCLE, voter turnout among 18 to 24 year olds has consistently stayed below 40% from 1976 to 2004. Although there was a slight increase during the elections in 2002 and 2008, low voter turnout among American youth remains a consistent trend.

If the youth in America want their voices to be heard, they need to vote more. Voting is the easiest way for eligible people to actively engage in politics and ensure that young people’s views are considered. There is simply no excuse for any adult not voting. To give citizens a platform and an opportunity to make a difference in their country, civic participation must increase. In many countries worldwide, citizens have limited power over their government’s choices.

Young people in America have the right and privilege to engage in politics through civic participation. This opportunity exists due to the active involvement of previous generations, which serves as motivation and justification for today’s youth to follow suit. It is crucial for the present generation to maintain this tradition of political engagement as they bear responsibility for creating a lasting legacy that will inspire future generations.

It is crucial to involve young people in politics as it will have both immediate and long-term effects. In order to ensure a lasting tradition of civic and political engagement for future generations, individuals aged 18 to 25 must begin participating in politics now. They are the future of society and its politics, therefore enhancing their role in the political sphere and promoting civic participation without delay is essential.

The involvement of American youth in politics is essential, beginning with civic engagement. Upon reaching the age of 18, it is crucial for individuals to actively participate in voting and ensure their opinions are acknowledged, all while recognizing the value of this privilege. Moreover, young adults aged between 18 and 25 should contemplate running for political positions to combat the prevalent corruption within our political framework. They possess both the ability and responsibility to halt political misconduct and establish a system that prioritizes addressing societal demands and embodying national principles.

The participation of young individuals in politics is essential to make a long-lasting impact and set an example for future generations, guaranteeing that America continues to be a nation known for freedom, fairness, and equality. By increasing their involvement in governing, young people possess the power to shape America based on the principles of a free country.

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