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The Role of Youth in Rural Reconstruction

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The backwardness and under-development of our rural areas have drawn the attention of not only the planners but also those who are interested in the all round development of India.

The numerous schemes which like the Community Development Programme, and crash programmes have not appreciably raised the living-standard of the rural masses. The insanitary conditions and inadequate housing facilities are serious challenges faced by the rural masses. Unless an all out effort is made on a war footing, the changes of improvement is remote in the near future.

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The Role of Youth in Rural Reconstruction
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The youth who are the citizens of tomorroe, have a vital role to play.

It is a well-known fact that in India about eighty percent of our total population live in villages. They are mostly engaged in agriculture, having no knowledge of modern techniques that can be successfully employed in agriculture to maximise production. So what the rural society expects fromthe priviledged youth is not their manual labour but their guidance and instruction.

Unemployment among the village youth compels them to migrate to urban areas in search of jobs.

But if they start cottage and small scale industries , organise co-operative farming in the rural areas, utilising the financial help offered by the banks and the government, these youth can find gainful employment. Regarding social problems, the prevalence of untouchability in some parts of India must recieve the attention of the youth. Through many law have be passed to put an end to this age-old social problem, lack of education among the villagers and their adament nature have stood in the way of eradicating the menace. So the youth can engage themselves in imparting education among the adults.

Informing the villagers about the phenomenal growth made by foreign countries and the absence of casteism and creed will infuse a sense of realism and confidence in the minds of rural people. Casteism, being a very delicate matter it should be cautiously handled. The youth, espicially the urban youth, should visit rural India periodically and spend time with the villagers and feel their pulse. An average villagers is a friendly, warm-hearted person.

While they live with them the youth can learn these human traits which are missing in the cities.

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