The Victory Shot: A Personal Narrative

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The author describes a soccer game that was the final match of the season. If they won, they would secure the last spot in the highest part of the league. The opposing team scored in the first half, but the author’s team managed to tie the score with a corner kick. The game went into penalty kicks, and the author’s team won with their last shot. The author reflects on the hard work and training that led to their victory, and their coach commends them on their improvement.

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The entire season of our hard work and sweat would pay off in this final game. If we won, we got everything from bragging rights to the last spot in the highest part of the league we played in. The other team had scored in the first half, leaving the score 1 to O. We knew if we were going to win we would have to find something to keep us going for that last five minutes. The right forward for our team had a beautiful run to the goal which make the defenders nervous.

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They Just kicked the ball out of bounds, giving us the corner kick. The entire team knew that this was our chance to get that goal back. The midfielder took the ball to the corner and told us to get in position for a set piece we had practiced many of times. The midfielder would kick the ball to me, waiting Just outside the goal box, and then I would pass it to the forward, who would kick the ball into the left corner of the net. Everyone got into their positions and the ball was kicked into play. The next thing I knew, I heard the SWOOSH of the ball going into the net.

We all celebrated for a couple of seconds before the referee then blew his whistle, ending of the game. But we all knew it wasn’t over. We had made the goal, but the score was still 1 to 1. Penalty kicks were the only thing left to do. Penalty kicks are a scary part of soccer games. Each team gets 5 shots total, with one player shooting on the goalie of the other team at one time. Four of my team mates and I lined up to shoot. The score went back and forth, until the other team had scored 4, missed one.

We had scored all four of the goals; the last shot I made would decide the game. I walked up to the ball, spun it a few times in my hand, set it down and backed up away from the ball to get ready for the shot. In that moment, wondered if that all of the training after school and all of the work I had put into this sport would shine through. The referee blew the whistle, and I took the shot. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The goalie dived to the left and my ball went into the right corner of the goal.

In a second, I felt the force of all 16 of the girls on my team tackling me and screaming DID IT! ” and “WAHOO! “. After we had left the field to go eat a team ice cream and burger dinner, the coach pulled me aside. “That last shot was really good. I’m so glad that I got to see you improve over this year and help lead our team to victory. Good Job, and thank you,” she said. The thought that if I hadn’t stayed after school for all of those hours, missed parties and leftovers and gone and enjoyed my personal life, I wouldn’t have been able to have made that shot still hasn’t sunk inn.

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