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The Americans defeat of the British during those times that they were colonized by this foreign invader has a special place in the development of the country. It was during this time that previously independent states collaborated together and form what is now known as the United States of America. The following paragraphs will discuss the reasons why the Americans were able to reign supreme against the British.

These could be considered as the top ten causes because it signifies the advantage of Americans in various areas such as logistics, tactics, resources, and most especially their perspective and attitude towards the attainment of their goal.The Americans defeat the British for numerous reasons. Nevertheless, ten notable causes should be given due attention. First, Americans was able to maximize their potential of establishing good relationship with other European countries like the French.

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Due to this, the French was able to help the Americans in overthrowing the British rule. Second, the Americans also have an advantage when it comes to their logistics and tactics. The Americans operate under secrecy and open use the element of surprise while the British tend to operate in open lines. Third, Americans did not have to deal with other problems as compared with the British who have to think of shorter supply lines because they have other wars to think about.

Fourth, the Americans have the home-court advantage. Since the war that was happening against the British took place in their own land, they are more familiar with it that gives them territorial advantage especially during operations. Fifth, large numbers of Americans are armed. They have guns because of their hunting activities that make it easier for them to raise arms against the foreign ruler (Tokar, n.

d.).Sixth, the British underestimation of the Americans is also one of their biggest weaknesses. They think Americans are incompetent, which is why they were surprised when they saw their capabilities in armed conflict.

Seventh, the cost of warfare has also been one of the reasons of America’s defeat of the British. Britain was having difficulties in budgeting their resources to fund all their wars. The Americans were resourceful enough to wage a revolution with the meager resources that they have. Eight, the Americans took advantage of the other enemies of the British.

They collaborated with other countries that are also having conflict with Britain so that they could strengthen their forces. Ninth, America’s revolutionary leaders are competent enough to think of strategies that would greatly weaken Britain. Lastly, the attitude that the Americans have which is the desire for freedom is the best weapon they have against the British because this served as the source of their determination (McGranahan, 2007).  ReferencesMcGranahan, R.

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