Trifles By Susan Glaspell Research Paper

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The thesis of this paper is to turn out that the rubric of Susan Glaspell ’ s play “ Trifles ” represents how work forces considered adult females ’ s responsibilities and their sentiments to be of small importance compared to a adult male ’ s function in society. The dictionary defines the word trifle as something of small importance or value, or to cover with something as if it were of small significance or value ( The American Heritage Dictionary ) .

The drama opens in Minnie Wright ’ s kitchen. Minnie ’ s hubby has been murdered, he was found strangled with a rope around his cervix. The County Attorney, the Sheriff, his married woman and a few neighbours are at that place. The Sheriff, the lawyer and the work forces set up the undertaking of look intoing the slaying. The adult females, nevertheless, are concerned with the visual aspect of the house, particularly the kitchen.

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The word trifle is used one time in the drama to bespeak how the work forces think of what the adult females. are making in the kitchen while the work forces are seeking to work out the slaying. The adult females were in the kitchen discoursing the fact that Minnie was concerned about her fruit conserves. The County Attorney makes the statement: “ I guess before we ’ re through she may hold something more serious than conserves to worry about. ”

Mr. Hale responds with: “ Well, adult females are used to worrying over trifles. ” Because the adult females were concerned with cleansing and clean uping the kitchen, which work forces considered trifle, the work forces overlooked that country and went out to happen some existent hints. However, the existent hint to work outing the slaying was found in the kitchen. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters find a birdcage in the kitchen closet.

They discuss the fact that Minnie must hold had a bird at one clip, but do non link it with the slaying at first. This is an illustration of how the work forces considered what the adult females were making of no importance. Mrs. Wright had requested a few things from the house, her apron, shawl and some apparels. While the adult females were garnering these things, they came across her quilting and were discoursing whether or non they thought Mrs. Wright was traveling to maintain on quilting or knot the comforter and complete it. The work forces came downstairs and laughed at the adult females.

The Sheriff said, “They admiration if she was traveling to quilt it or merely knot it! ”Mrs. Hale said, “ I don ’ t know as there ’ s anything so unusual, our gnu goat ’ up our clip with small things while we ’ re waiting for them to acquire the grounds. I don ’ t see as it ’ s anything to laugh about. ” This is another illustration of how what the adult females were making was considered trifle, of no importance to the probe. However, as the adult females were looking for spots to repair the comforter, they came across a dead fink wrapped in a piece of silk. The canary ’ s cervix had been broken.

The County Attorney came in and saw the birdcage and asked “ Has the bird flown? ” The adult females told him that they thought the cat had gotten it. The adult females were get downing to set the facts together. The adult females connected the fact that Mr. Wright had killed the fink by interrupting his cervix, and in bend Mrs. Wright killed her hubby by strangulating him with a rope. The work forces wholly missed the point because what the adult females were making had no significance to the probe. They were more interested if anyone came in through the Windowss. The County Attorney said to the Sheriff, “ No mark at all of anyone holding come from the outdoors. Their ain rope. Now Let ’ s go up once more and travel over it piece by piece. ”

The word trifle had more than one significance in this drama. The adult females ’ s responsibilities were considered trifle, to be undistinguished. As a consequence the work forces ne’er found the hints necessary to work out the instance. In add-on, Mrs. Wright ’ s life was besides considered to be trifle, she had no kids, and did non take part in any community activities. The rubric of the drama adds to our apprehension of the drama ’ s characters and subject by demoing that the birdcage besides represented something trifle to the probe.

The work forces did non see this a hint, but the adult females realized that Mrs. Wright was caged in her matrimony to Mr. Wright, merely as the bird had been caged. When Mr. Wright strangled the fink, Mrs. Wright had to do a pick of either remaining caged in her matrimony, or stop her matrimony by killing her hubby.

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