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Unit 18 Working in Business teames P1/P2/P3

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    Understanding how team work.
    Team working can be more productive than working individually as you work with more people achieving the same goal, people who have different skills and experiences and also different strengths and weaknesses. You can split the task in to small sections and give every one something to do, this will speed the process of achieving the goal. As a team you can help each others and share ideas so that best work is produced. Characteristics of effective team:

    Defined Roles
    It is important to decide who is doing what and who is going to be the leader (leader should be someone who is confident and able to lead). If you working with new people, it is important to clarify each other’s strengths and weaknesses before you define roles so that you don’t make someone who is not creative to create logo. Vicky took the responsibility to defined roles and as a good team member she have discus with us if we want to do it before she made us to get on with in. Good communication

    It is important to have good communication between your team members, you need to speak and listen to each other’s, you need to be able to ask for help when you get stuck and also give opinions. Listening is important because you give chance to other members to express their ideas. When I first started work with my team we had bad communication and our leader Charlie had took the responsibility and improved this by making us to share our ideas and give our opinions. Ground rules

    As a team you should also make rules so that you know what you can and what you can’t do. One of the rules should be to respect each other’s so that everyone is treated equal no matter who they are and also to consult before you make something because your members may not like it. In our team Spencer took the responsibility on making ground rules and acquainted us with rules so that everyone understands what we can and can’t do.

    It is important to be trust able as your members relay on you, when you tell
    them you do something you need to do it, if you don’t they will stop trusting you and asking you to do something. When we worked together we have split in to two groups, one went to the town and the second one stayed in in class, and we had to follow a rule that we goner be back in 20 min. from town with all information we looked for. This is an example of trust as the group that stayed in class trusted us that we will be back on time. Good Planning

    Before you start something it is important to plan the whole process as you need to ensure that it is possible to achieve the goal and also to follow the goal. In our case Charlie and I took the responsibility of planning the whole process and we also made sure that it can be turned to practical working. Helping and sharing

    As a member of your team you need to be able to give a help and share opinions, ideas and info that can help to improve your work. If someone from your team is stuck and for example looking for answer and you know the answer you should help the person and share your knowledge as well as if you have good idea you should share it with the team. Charlie has helped us by telling us where we can find the prices of the items that we were looking for. Participating

    Everyone in a team should take part and help to achieve the goals. All team members should have equal part to do so that no one is left out. In our team we have all participate and tried to finish and make our goals successful.

    Different types of team structures:
    Is someone who plans the whole process that the team go through. This person is a creative with big imagination and is able to share ideas. In our team it was Charlie that started us up as he is capable to lead, he is confident with working with others and also grate communicator. Recourse investigator

    As a recourse investigator you need to be able to communicate with people in and out of the team. Recourse investigator is creating contacts that are
    useful for his team and getting ideas from out of his team in to his team. In our team it was everyone. Me, Charlie, Spencer and Gabriel went to town to look for the prices of items that we knew where to find and the rest stayed in class and looked the prices on internet. Co-ordinator

    The role of co-ordinator is to makes sure that the team is moving in right direction and also some who analyse strengths and weaknesses of his team. In our team co-ordinator was Gabriel he was responsible for the development of our team he communicate with our team members and asked if we understand everything. Gabriel has the power to Shaper

    Shaper is someone who challenges members to move forward and don’t lose focus. In our team shaper was Charlie he was constantly reminding us what we need to do and made as to be focus on to the target we tried to achieve. Monitor evaluator

    Monitor evaluator is someone who analyses problems who think logically and make sure that the team’s decisions are balanced. I was our team monitor evaluator as I made sure that the ideas we get from team members are possible to achieve.

    Team Worker
    All members of our team where team workers we was have communicated together and support each other’s ideas and helped each other with strengths . we also used different ways to motivate each other’s for example, we have shared information between each other’s, provided feedback so that we were aware of what we done right and what can be improved so that best work is produced. Implementer

    In our team Charlie was Implementer he has changed the plans to practical working. Completer finisher
    Completer finisher is someone who makes sure that there are no problems, this person check every detail personally to make sure it is done properly, completer finisher was Charlie and Vicky both of them checked if the work is completed and right.

    Understanding relationships and structures
    Building Team:
    Before you become team with a common goal you will go through these 4 stages which are forming, storming, norming and performing this this theory will help your team to become productive and perform more effectively. Forming

    At this stage you get to know your team members and the team leader will familiar you with the goal you will try to achieve. In our team Charlie has took the responsibility of a team leader and when we found out what we are working toward to achieve Charlie has define the task and then we had group discussion and clarify how we goner work as a team. Storming

    Then you move to the stage of storming at this stage the members jockey for their roles and position. There can be arguments between the team members as they apply for the same position. That’s when the team needs to be pushed to move forward. In our team Charlie has kept the team focused and made sure we don’t get distracted by little conflicts. He was remanding us what we need to do and made sure we go in the right direction. Norming

    In the third stage the norms in group are formed, team is adapting to the leader. Positions and roles are clarified and the team move forward, they participate together and produce some work. In this situation team members feel in positive way, they are relaxed and may engage in fun and social activates this make will good relationship between each other’s. In our case after we have split the roles we start to produce some work. We have split into two groups, one group has stayed in class and worked online the second group went to town to work outside the college. I was in the second group and when we came back to the class we had different relationship with my team members. Performing

    At this stage all team members are aware of what is doing and why, they are able to work towards achieving gaols. There are still disagreements but the team is able to make changes to process and team is able to do much more work. Some team members can leave without affecting the performing. In our team after we came back from town and joined the other group everyone was aware of what must be done and how for example we gave all information that we found in town to Vicky and she knew how to cope with these information’s and what to do.

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