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Last November 27. 2012. the most anticipated minute. particularly for the UAAP CDC fiends in UPLB came. the UP Pep Squad performed for the first clip in our university. I started to back up them the first clip I watched UAAP Cheerdance Competition live back in 2010. That was the first clip I have seen their extraordinary endowments to absolutely present a really hard modus operandi. Their stunts were more stable and they were all synchronized. They have mastered every motions they made. After that. I ever look frontward to watching them every twelvemonth and I ne’er failed to watch them populate in UAAP CDC. As one of the fiends. the public presentation of the UP Pep Squad in UPLB is a must watch because there could be no other opportunity to watched them that near because in UAAP CDC. merely those in the VIPs can see them from the same distance between the phase of DL Umali Theatre and the last row of seats at the dorsum. I was really aroused to watch them.

After proceedingss of waiting in the line. atlast. the show started. They executed a great gap figure. exhibiting their endowments in lifts. every bit good as in dancing. After that figure. the following Numberss are non cheerdancing any longer. They did lyrical. hiphop. dad. interpretive. and concert dance dances every bit good as interruption dance. I was amazed by those Numberss. I ne’er thought they can make other dances besides cheerdancing. I mean I ne’er thought they can put to death other genre of dances gracefully and more synchronized than other dance company. They move as one and they absolutely inserted their liftings in all sorts of dances. Ofcourse. they are known for their lifts. Every figure was really promising but the best and still will be the best is when they repeat their winning modus operandi in the lifting competition and the cheerdance competition in the UAAP CDC 2012. My wish to watch them dance that modus operandi closely has been granted. As expcted. it was beyond the national degree ; it was an international degree of public presentation. I was merely gazing at them the whole clip that I forgot that I am taking a picture of them.

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The picture came out demoing merely the dorsum of Thursday individual in forepart of me. But it still okay because it was truly deserving watching. After that they did their last figure. they danced “Salamat” by The Dawn. That was truly “wow” as good ; at the same clip. I was besides sad because I know the show will stop shortly. As I watched them. I felt how great we Filipinos are. I felt that pride of being an isko and a Filipino. They brought award to the University and the state besides in their ain manner which is dancing. The show ended as they danced “Oppa Gangnam Style” and the audience danced with them. Everyone looked really happy even the ginger squad. I think they besides enjoyed executing for their co- isko and iska. and we besides enjoyed watching them.

The public presentations they did truly marked in my head. and I will ne’er bury that I had the privilege to watched them unrecorded and close. The clip was truly deserving it and I hope they would execute once more in UPLB and I will go on to back up them in every activity and competition they do. Because of them. I learned how finding and perseverence can suppress any challenge. They inspired me to be strong. stable and tough like their stunts. and to be flexible like thier somersaults. UP Pep Squad would be and ever will be an inpiration to every isko and iska.

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