“My heart leaps up when I behold”, by William Wordsworth Sample

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In this really short verse form. “My bosom leaps up when I behold” . by William Wordsworth. the talker begins by declaring that he is moved by nature. and particularly by nature’s beauty and how he is excited when he sees the rainbow. He feels so aroused inside his bosom when he sees a beautiful rainbow in the sky. This is a really romantic verse form in both signifier and construction of the verse form itself. The format of the verse form gives an aroused feeling about human nature and forces the reader to hesitate at of import points in the verse form and believe about each stanza carefully. For case. the first two short lines of the verse form are both important and show romantic experience. In these gap lines he states. “My bosom leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky” ( line 1-2 ) . Here the talker is stating the reader of an experience that he feels when he gazes at the sky seeing a rainbow. “My Heart Leaps Up” embodies the undermentioned Romantic subjects: nature. joy toward childhood. and bond to nature.

The poet needs nature in order to experience his being in life. The talker explains his connexion to nature. saying that it has been strong throughout his life. He even goes so far that if he loses connexion with nature he would prefer to decease. One would believe that he would instead decease if he loses connexion with nature because he would experience empty. if nature. like a rainbow. would disappear. Nature and its beauty are what give significance to his life. Without it. so he would believe that he is nil. First. “A rainbow in the sky” shows his bond and foreshadows the speaker’s want to be “Bound by natural piousness. ” Wordsworth provinces “My bosom leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky” ( line1-2 ) . It shows how he feels excited when he beholds a rainbow in the sky. Obviously he is expresses the joy that is in his bosom as he gazes toward the sky. looking at the rainbow.

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The feeling of joy for the poet is introduced in line two by the rainbow. The rainbow is a fantastic image to see and shows a batch of beauty to the talker and reader. It is about like a staircase to heaven. It might good typify that bond one feels with God when in a province of joy. This joy creates a cherished and tickle pinking province. Wordsworth provinces. “The kid is father of the man” ( line7 ) . The talker believes that kids are closer to heaven and God because they came from the weaponries of God. Surely. the talker understands the importance of remaining connected to one’s ain childhood. The quotation mark states that he is larning from his kid.

The talker is adhering with nature. It is the lone thing that keeps him strong and alive. Without it. he would be lonely in life. He needs nature in order to be able to travel frontward in life. He experiences the images he sees like childs experience the admiration of a rainbow. It states “and I could wish my yearss to be bound each to each by natural piety” ( line8-9 ) . It shows that he wishes that this nature continues to be by his side everlastingly. Surely the talker is bonded with nature as if it were his life.

To clear up. the poet is moved by nature and by natural beauty. He even mentions that he would instead decease if he lost nature or was non connected to it. The rainbow reflects the beauty of nature that the poet experienced. It is like the rainbow is destined to make joy. When the poet refers to the kid. he demonstrates how he is larning from the kid. The poet seems to be bound to nature because he needs it in order to non be empty hearted. Without it. he would lose connexion to all the nature he sees and feels. Word Count 675

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