Value chain: Disney toys Analysis

Support activities

– Admin / Management / Infrastructure
Communication between the movie makers and the product designers. Approbation of the different countries to allow the sell of toys. R&D office and firm to design and manufacture products.

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– Human Resource Management
Qualified people to offer a product which is the best quality as possible. Experienced people who know the art of international trades.

– Technology Development
High technology level in order to create the characters, to carry out tests as efficiently as possible without wasting time. No need of licence.

– Procurement
Raw materials (like plastic and boxes) which are delivered by suppliers. Furthermore they have to trust there subcontractors on delivery times for instance.

Primary activities

– Inbound logistics
Characters of the Disney movies. Indeed if the movie is a success so derivate products will be also a success. The adventures which are lived by characters to create products around the environment of the characters.

– Operations

Respect deadlines for critical events such as Christmas for example. Indeed during Christmas the majority of the profits are made. Contain costs to offer to the consumer a quality product to a low price.

– Outbound logistics

Good delivery logistic because the Disney toys are delivered all around the word and it is important to now and to control the delivery chain from the manufacture to the shops.

– Marketing and sales

Large range of choices to attract the consumer and it shows that Disney has a lot of “heroes” and each one represent a moral value. New products regularly to create a demand and never install a routine in the sells. Advertising during the critical period: Christmas. It is really important because each year at this time a Disney movie can be seen in cinema and after the derivate products are sold thanks to the success of the movie Sell the products in own shops.

Contracts with the biggest shops.
– Service
Call centers for people who are not satisfied by the product. A guarantee in case of a dysfunction of a product.

Value chain: Disney movies

Support activities

-Admin / Management / Infrastructure
Experiences and skills to run the projects
Planning the time so that you don’t overlap the deadline
Communication with directors, specialists, script writers,
Facility to locate the management
Contemporary office technology
Licenses and legally approved contracts and licenses in order to use intellectual property -Human Resource Management
Good knowledge of teambuilding to keep them motivated creative and generate synergy. Experienced people who have the know-how of the movie making in all its operations. Not allowed to fail choosing the cast actors, movie stars.

Educating and developing people/teams
Maintaining a good working-atmosphere
Good communication with all team-members

-Technology Development

Modern digital high tech. shooting cameras and all the other equipment.

Raw materials to make decorations in set place which are delivered by suppliers. Cleaning service, electricity,
Providing actors with food, drinks

Primary activities

-Inbound logistics
Cast, the actors, make-up makers, director, shooting operators, audio, background voices, decorations, costumes Good ideas for very good stories


Building the set place, direction, cutting the movie, mixing it together, shooting, lighting, special effects (rain etc.)

-Outbound logistics

Careful transport of the original tape to marketing and sales.

-Marketing and sales

Making copies of the movie
Making trailers,
Promotional events,
Contracts with the biggest regional movie distributors
Producing and distributing merchandise
Using different marketing-channels, traditional ones, like stores, but also online-distribution Good public relation
Maintaining the reputation of the company

Communication with media, fans,
give information to the customers, about background, stars etc. Maintaining the internet-page
Give the customers the possibility to order movies online

Value chain: Theme park

Primary activities:

-Inbound logistics:

In order to satisfy the different demands of the customers, Disney must receive and warehouse a large number of the raw materials, however, it will be not difficult for Disney because it has enough money and places. -Operations:

Disney hosts wondrous special events most often to attract more customers, for example, Magic kingdom park, Disney-MGM studios and so on.

-Outbound logistics:

Disney theme park provides not only services but also many kinds of products related to the theme park, for example, souvenir, book, toy. These products are produced by itself.

-Marketing and sales:

Disney has been expanding a lot of their theme parks into many regions such as French, Hong Kong, Toyko, etc, and bringing the brand name to all over the world, so it is obvious that it has a huge market and abundant customers.


Disney theme parks offer a wide array of free guest services to ensure an happy experience for all attendees, for example, baby care, check cahing, currency exchange, guidebooks and maps, parking, first aid and so on.

Support activities

-Firm infrastructure:
There are many function departments to complete finance, legal, qualtiy management respectively.

-Human resouces management:

Disney recruits qualified employee, then gives them training, development, and rewards.

-Technology development:

Disney owns Research and Development to develop their high-level technology.


Disney is a unique and important customer of many of the suppliers, so it can secure the lowest price for purchase of the highest quality.a

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