Value of Money in a Modern Society

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In today’s society, I believe that people should value their money. Money is a necessity and people should not use poor judgement on frizolous things. Therefore, I disagree there is no point in trying to save money. I feel that people who spend their money as they earn it wouldn’t be happier and would loose out.

However, Money should be spent on things financially and shouldn’t be wasted. I see a lot of adults who don’t use their judgement and who don’t know how much they’re spending when they look at prices on a shelf in a drugstore or any other store for that matter.

There are a lot of things that money should be saved for such as insurance bills, mortgage, cell phone bills, as well as paying for rent. These are the kinds of things that people should value and save their money for instead of having fun with it.

I mean I could see if it was someone who was a lot younger, who earned their money by doing chores, and going to the candy store. As the younger generation gets older and works full time earning money; there will come a time when they will realize that they must save a portion of what they have earned.

Thus however, I have learned to save money as will as spend it over a period of time. I have spent my money on stupid things that I didn’t even need and yet I was also having fun with it. Then there came a time when I had to put all of that a side and had to think positively about how I was spending my money.

I eventually learned the value of money when I started working and every paycheck that I received went into my savings account. That way I would be saving for the important things such as car insurance, credit card bills, cell phone bills, and college tuition. Needless to say my parents gave me money to buy my clothes and shoes from time to time.

Money should be handled with care and shouldn’t be wasted. There will always come a time when someone is in need of money, until they realize they have non-to spare in their pocket because they just blew all of it for fun. Money is a necessity and people should value it.

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