Three Steps: How to Become a Witch

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I outlined these steps for those who are interested in becoming Witches, but just don’t know where to start. You’ll notice I don’t mention anything about covens or groups until the last step. That’s because I strongly believe all Witches should start out as solitaries. Learning about Witchcraft and practicing magick by yourself will teach you what works for you and what feels right to you. Once you figure that out, you can find others that you are comfortable circling with.

Step One – Discovering your Path

Read and study. Read everything you can get your hands on that will tell you more about beliefs of Witchcraft, such as books, web pages or online magazines. Only by learning as much as you can about the basic beliefs and tenets of Witchcraft can you decide if the religion is the right path for you. While reading books and studying the written word are highly beneficial, Wicca and other forms of the Craft are nature religions. Get outside and experience the Divine’s creation. Go camping. Take hikes through the mountains. Swim in ponds and lakes. Bask in the glow of the sun and moon. Watch birds. Go stargazing. Learn all you can about the Earth and Sky, which are the bodies of the God and Goddess.

Step Two – Defining Your Path

OK, so you know the basics and you’ve decided it’s definitely something that fits into your belief system. In a notebook or journal, begin writing down some reasons why you think Witchcraft is your path. What does being a Witch mean to you? What do you hope to achieve and learn through Witchcraft? What do you fear if you follow this path? How do you visualize the God and Goddess? What does the Divine mean to you? Be completely honest. Nobody will ever read this but you. (This notebook will eventually become your Book of Shadows.) There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. It’s not a test, but simply a way to help you define your path.

Step Three – Exploring Magick

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned anything about.

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