View From The Bottom Rail Essay

& # 8211 ; Slavery Essay, Research Paper

January 29, 2001

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View From The Bottom Rail
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HIS 2112 Dr. Harris

A Position From the Bottom Rail

The Position From the Bottom Rail is a papers covering with the ways in which historiographers have tried to retrieve the freshly freed slaves & # 8217 ; feelings and point of position after the Civil War. In about every manner, it is impossible to find what the slaves truly thought and felt about bondage and their Masterss because of the deficiency of proper grounds. With the grounds presented, readers are left to make up one’s mind for themselves the feelings that the slaves possessed.

When I read this papers, I felt the true point of position from the slaves is best documented by the unwritten testimony of African Americans themselves. Even though the narrative may change from interviewer to interviewer, at least we are acquiring true statement from a existent slave who endured bondage, and non from person who did non. When reading some of the histories from northern white beginnings and the manner they observed the slaves celebrate Christianity, it makes me believe of ignorance. The white beginnings stated that the & # 8220 ; shouts & # 8221 ; that slaves attended were & # 8220 ; ..the most horrid and at the same clip the most pathetic sight I of all time witnessed & # 8221 ; . At the clip, the white people believe that anyone who did non worship Christianity in the same manner that they did was considered as barbarian and non right. It disturbs me that people cr

iticize one another for the manner they celebrate a religion that is of the same sort. The slaves and white people both believed in Christianity and that should hold been a tie that would convey them closer together. Unfortunately, ignorance is a job that struck and is here to remain.

After reading this papers, it made me believe about different civilizations and about how I, myself, have criticized and given false certification of people from different civilizations and backgrounds. I believe that the best manner to garner grounds is to travel directly to the beginning. In this papers, the historiographers are coming in contact with written bias and undependable beginnings and the best grounds that they can trust upon is the histories from the African Americans. I believe that non all of the southern and northern histories of bondage during the civil war were meant as racialist remarks, but merely as ignorance.

The Position From The Bottom Rail is an first-class certification of the detective work that historiographers have put into work outing the enigmas of the point of position of the slaves during and after the Civil War. A feeling of heartache came over me when I read the statement & # 8220 ; I was right smart spot by de freedom bug for awhile. & # 8221 ; Charlie Davenport, reflecting the black experience, said this statement. It is sorrowful that even though freedom had come to a state, many slaves still had to settle for a position from the bottom rail.

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