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Want to play backseat bingo with that classy chass Essay

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is that sits behindyou in math? Throw a few keen words their way to really razz their berries.

Translation: Want to mack on that hottie from math? Impress them withyour kick ass vocab skillz.

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Want to play backseat bingo with that classy chass
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Slang is a root of pop culture. There are hundreds of different typesof slanguage, but youth slang is the most common. Single words are able todefine an entire decade. Chunks of America’s past are summed up with wordslike ducky, tubular, off da heezy, etc. But where do these seeds of wordagecome from? Music, movies, and (most recently) the Internet influence and birthslang constantly.

For example, to be hacked in the fifties meant to bepunished or grounded. Today it is the computer equivalent to a forcedentry. The Internet influence is dwarfed by the shadow of the music world.

The Jazz Age, The Age of Aquarius, and the Era of Eminem have all spawnedtheir own lingo.

We hear the words on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean they areavailable for everyone’s use.

There are unspoken rules when it comes to theworld of slang: 1. People over the age of forty cannot pull off the “izzle” thing.

2. If you can’t explain what it means in plain English, you shouldn’t say it.

3. Very, very few middle-class white kids can successfully speak in ghetto-ese. Most who attempt look foolish.

4. Stay current. What was da bomb five years ago is not supafly today.

Word to your mother.

Think you know your slang? Take our Slanguage Quiz and find where yourank in the world of colloquial speech.

1. A Melvin is:a. a studb. a 50’s hotrodc. a wedgie2. Bling bling is:a. gaudy jewelryb. a skanky girlc. a type of dishwasher detergent that makes glasses sparkle3. If you lose badly at something, you are:a. pwn3db. a hep catc. crusin’ for a bruisin’4. Hit and Miss in Cockney Slang means:a. getting dumpedb. kissc. catch nothing while fishing5. A rude nickname for a disco-diva is:a. Stellab. Winniec. Val6. To agitate the gravel is to:a. get bus-ay with a member of the opposite sexb. take a fashion risk, like wearing stripes and plaid at the same time.

c. to take your leave7. LOLROTFLMAO means:a. my cat is sleeping on the keyboardb. I’m laughingc. I’m having a seizure8. Gutt Waddin’ is:a. beating up nerds (i.e., punching them in the gut repeatedly)b. binging on fast foodc. leaves/debris that clog house gutter in the fall9. If you are straight up frontin’, you are:a. dressing like a skankb. pulling off a difficult skateboarding trickc. misrepresenting yourself10. If something is grody to the max, it is:a. awesomeb. gag-me-with-a-spoon nastyc. unfair and unfortunateanswers: 1.c., 2.b., 3.a., 4.b., 5.a., 6.c., 7.b., 8.b., 9.c., 10.b., Scoring:If you got 0-3 correct, you are a FLAKE! (60s slang for a useless loser) That was a little lame. But don’t flip your wig, there is always hope.

Check out www.urbandictionary.com and try to redeem yourself.

If you got 4-7 correct, you are SOLID.

(70s slang for pretty cool)You scored pretty okay. Still, to avoid becoming a jive turkey, youmight want to brush up on the more obscure slanguage, like trucker slang,ten-four pron.

If you got 8-10 correct, you are TUBULAR TO THE MAX!(80s slang for mega-awesome)Your grasp of slang is truly bogus. Pysch! Actually, your extensiveknowledge of informal speech is rad, fer shure.

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